Reading Comprehension Part 1

    Reading Comprehension Part 1 is one the topics that needs mastery in Civil Service Exam. Reviewees need to master the key points that are crucial and needs extra attention. To do this, the reviewee should read and understand each item with proper care. In taking Civil Service Exam, memorization is only a technique but it can’t help you pass the exam. It means that you have to read, understand and internalize the topics. Understanding the questions very well before analyzing it is the best trick to do.

    In reviewing Reading Comprehension Part 1, the brain should act as a gallery. The reviewee must master retention of difficult points. There are choices and options but those are very close to the correct answer. To pick the best answer, the reviewee should master the techniques very well. With four difficult choices, only one is the answer. It takes wit and speed as well as control to point the answer in a matter of one (1) minute.

    Some items in Reading Comprehension Part 1 are easy. Yet, the difficult questions outnumber the easy ones. During the review, it is best if you stay focus and think that the review is the real scenario. In this manner, you will be used to the flow of the process of the exam. The positive mentality is what matters the most and it will add to your advantage. Questions in each item may be difficult at first reading but as you read it twice, you will find it easy to answer. Reading Comprehension Part 1 is very important and this is one point that you need to practice.

    Many said that Civil Service Exam is difficult to pass and it is agreeable. If an aspiring taker wishes to pass the examination, he/she must focus on the review to nail it!

    Civil Service Examination Reviewer

    Reading Comprehension Part 1

    Direction: Each paragraph below is followed by several statements, one of which best summarize the paragraph. Choose which among the several choices best express the thought and write the number of your choice on the black provided.

    1. Freedom and human rights without food are like relocating the illegal urban settlers in rural areas where economic activities and basic needs are almost the nil. The poorest of the poor who live in the shadow of hunger and death from malnutrition can never be free men and women Much of their desire to have freedom, they can only dream of and never enjoy the reality of true freedom.

    The paragraph best support the statement that ______________________

    1. The Government have to focus its resources to feed the poorest of the poor.
    2. A country which cannot feed its people with its resources can never be free.
    3. The satisfaction of one’s basic need is a prerequisite to enjoyment of freedom.
    4. Sovereignty and Independence are marks of freedom.
    5. The State should provide jobs and work opportunities to the unemployed.


    2. For a society to develop, its attitude towards life must be that of having strong faith and confidence in its capacity and ability to improve.

    The sentence that best support the statement that ___________________

    1. Society cannot progress or develop unless it focuses on its strengths.
    2. A person develops a healthy attitude towards life through its constant effort to improve one’s self.
    3. The society’s attitude towards life is showcased in its socio-economic progress.
    4. Success in life starts from one’s dissatisfaction in one’s state of affairs
    5. Society shall only make progress when it commits to pursue better life.

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    3. Ignorance may be an affective stimulus to find new techniques or approaches that would make economic development more progressive or more responsive.

    The sentence best support the statement that __________________

    1. Lack of knowledge on economy can also encourage discovery of new ways or approaches.
    2. From creativity and resourcefulness come new approaches.
    3. New approaches ensure economic success.
    4. New techniques and systems bring about change and success
    5. Ignorance can also lead to discovery of new knowledge.


    4. For legislation to change social attitudes and values, it must be with adequate enforcement and machinery. One way to make effect is to educate the people of the laws. Otherwise, the laws will remain ineffective and will promote lack of respect for the law.

    The paragraph best supports the statement that _________________

    1. Ignorance of the law does excuse no one.
    2. People should respect laws because it provides them protection.
    3. Laws become ineffective when people do not respect or follow them.
    4. The effectiveness of laws lies in adequate education of the people about laws and their proper enforcement.
    5. Laws can change the social attitudes and values of the people if properly enforced.


    5. Education is the solution to the economic ills of the society. Only when education is provided to both urban and rural sectors shall real opportunities be realized. skills and knowledge should be accorded to all sectors of the society. If opportunities lie only on selected sectors, then education will remain in servitude to those sectors.

    The paragraph best supports the statement that __________________

    1. Urban migration results from lack of economic opportunities in rural areas
    2. Education in rural areas is needed to provide rural economic opportunities.
    3. Education should be for all to uplift economic and social lives.
    4. Education is concentrated on the urban sectors of the society.
    5. Education is only for those who want it.


    6. No matter how strong and dedicated leaders may be, they must find foundation and strength among the people. They may guide, set the tone, dedicate themselves, and risk their lives but in the end, national survival lies in the people. On their own, they can never save the nation.

    The paragraph best supports the statement that _________________

    1. It is the leader who determines the fate of a nation
    2. Good leadership is important to effective public administration
    3. Dedication and sense of service enables the leader to guide the people
    4. The people themselves is the carver of their own destiny with the guide of a leader
    5. People’s strength comes from a dynamic and effective leadership.


    7. Research and studies in less developed countries are based on the thinking and approach of the developed Western countries. Seldom have they been directed towards meeting the real needs and solving real problems of the developing and underdeveloped world.

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    The sentence that best support the statement that __________________

    1. Most researches and studies done in developing and underdeveloped countries are missing their real objectives.
    2. Developed countries offer the best studies and researches for development
    3. Researches and studies do have universal application
    4. Researches and studies help developing countries achieve developed status
    5. Underdeveloped and developing countries rely too much on researches and studies


    8. In modern economy where globalization is the rule, long planning and financial stability is must. When countries suffer financial crisis, their economy suffer and value of money plunges. It is then very important that countries should maintain a stable financial environment thru prudent fiscal management.

    The sentence that supports the statement that ________________

    1. Long-range financial planning is essential to economic progress.
    2. Financial stability is a hallmark of modern economic progress
    3. Value of money is unpredictable in modern economic society
    4. Economic progress is facilitated by proper control of finances
    5. Financial stability is affected by lopsided globalization


    9. People from all walk of life and of all age levels show diversified behaviour at different stages. The very young occupy themselves with play and play activities to learn initial skills essential for mental, physical, social and emotional growth. The middle-aged group who are at peak of life, make adjustment in work, in marriage and parenthood. The senior group who reaches the period where life activities are about to finish off, amuse themselves in relaxation and in fellowship with their own age group.

    The paragraph reveals that ____________

    1. People have different interest and activities at different stages in life
    2. People disagree to agree at different stage of life
    3. People are alike in so many different characteristics
    4. People enjoy different things at different levels
    5. Life is really a cycle that is difficult to comprehend


    10. It’s fascinating to know that people work with lighting speed and with zealousness when the prospect of a vacation is clear. One notices how students cram toward the end of semestral work for the exam and how players work for the goal at the last quarter of a game. The same spirit is evident when production output in factories is increased if payday falls on a Saturday.

    The paragraph attest to the truth that ____________

    1. Man can work double hard if he wishes to.
    2. Man works hard whenever he is compensated well
    3. Man speeds up the completion of work when satisfaction is anticipated on
    4. Man has to relax or rest after whenever tiring work was done
    5. Man is in control of his desire to work or to relax


    DIRECTIONS: Each item in this section consist of a statement or a passage followed by several assumptions or several possible conclusions. Determine the best assumption or best conclusion that can be logically made from the given statement or passage.

    1. Antonette is probably a pianist. She can really stretch her hand and fingers.


    1. Playing the piano helps Antonette stretch her hands and fingers
    2. A long stretch helps pianist reach more keys on the piano
    3. Pianists can easily stretch their hands and fingers
    4. Only people with long fingers and big hands can play the piano
    5. Stretching makes it easier to play the piano

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    2. Patricia should not be part of the volleyball team because she does not trust her team mates.


    1. The volleyball team need Patricia because she plays well.
    2. Trust and camaraderie should be the unifying factor
    3. Patricia’s team mates are not trustworthy
    4. Patricia plays better than her team mates
    5. Her team mates are divided


    3. If you are smart, then why aren’t you rich?


    1. Only the rich are smart
    2. Only the smart are rich
    3. It is smart to become rich
    4. To become rich and smart if difficult
    5. All smart people are rich

    Ans: 5

    4. There are fewer juvenile delinquents in communities where the youth participate actively in different socio-civic and religious activities and clubs. Barangay kabataang Buhay has a number of youth clubs.


    1. Residents of Brgy. Kabataang Buhay work together to prevent juvenile delinquency.
    2. Brgy. Kabataang Buhay has fewer juvenile delinquents than other barangays.
    3. Local officials encourage the creation of youth clubs
    4. Barangay workers give training in organizing youth clubs
    5. The youth in Brgy. Kabataang Buhay belong to at least two youth clubs.

    Ans: 2

    5. All of my friends believe in the sanctity of marriage. Luisa, lives with an officemate in a condominium in Downtown Chicago. She is a new friend.


    1. Luisa is a single, working mom.
    2. She is not married yet.
    3. She is now separated from her boyfriend of 5years
    4. Luisa believes in the sanctity of marriage
    5. Luisa prefers to live-in

    Ans: 4

    6. In order to improve our admission process and get better students, we have decided to Include an interview of the applicant as a criterion aside from an above average test result.


    1. An interview of the applicants will ensure the students success in school
    2. Current admission procedures are currently inadequate and outmoded
    3. Current admission procedures need to be updated and improved
    4. Interviewing applicants will be time-consuming and impractical
    5. Interview of the applicants will draw better students

    Ans: 5

    7. The PNoy Administration helps poor people acquire the basic necessities for a decent living Aling Trining is a squatter. She gets help from the government.


    1. Squatter dwellers are considered illegal settlers
    2. The Government tax the rich people to help the poor people
    3. Squatter dwellers compete with the poor for the government’s attention
    4. Aling Trining sought the help of the government
    5. Squatter dwellers like Aling Trining are considered poor people

    Ans: 5

    8. Some managers are not analytical. All managers are ruthless. Benjamin is ruthless.


    1. All ruthless people are analytical
    2. Not all analytical managers are ruthless
    3. Some ruthless managers are not analytical
    4. Benjamin is a manager but in not analytical
    5. Benjamin is analytical but is not a manager

    Ans: 3

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