English Paragraph, Comprehension and Organization Part 1

Direction: Determine which may be the best order in which the sentences should be arranged to result in a well-organized paragraph.

A.   Now we shall do everything we can to enforce this law.
B.   I the struggle against crime, government and people should join hands against cruelty and heartlessness.
C.   Republic Act 7659, the death penalty law is government’s response in law against cruelty and heartlessness.
D.   The law’s main objective is not retribution but reform and rehabilitation of offenders and would be offenders.
E.   All countries in the world are presently sieged by violent crime.
1.   CEBAD
2.   EBCDA
3.   CEDAB
4.   ACEBD
5.   CBEDA
A.   Indeed, the real test of the pudding is in the eating.
B.   Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Aroyo is the Republic’s 14th President.
C.   Her sincerity is being closely scrutinized in her day-to-day actuations.
D.   She emphasized no “palakasan, kamag-anak, kaibigan, etc.” in running the affairs of the Presidency.
E.   She spelled out her government policies in her “State of the Nation Address”
1.   ADECB
2.   ABECD
3.   BEDCA
4.   BCDEA
5.   BDCEA
A.   Today, Christmas cards come in various make-up and form.
B.   They come in pop-out, 3 dimensional form or even personalized
C.   Whatever it says and in whatever form it looks, Christmas cards are important time tested cheerful greeting message to the one who sends and who receives it.
D.   Micro marketing of Christmas cards means to simply offer something during the holiday for cheers!
E.   Their forms make up for the price at which they are sold
1.   CEBDA
2.   CEDBA
3.   CABED
4.   DECAB
5.   ABCDE
A.   Tagaytay is the destination for us who love nature.
B.   It provides an ideal picnic ground for outdoor lovers.
C.   Unfortunately, the place ends up abused by outdoor who litter the place.
D.   It’s a place which can be easily reached by a 2-hour drive from Makati City.
1.   CDAB
2.   ADBC
3.   CBDA
4.   CABD
5.   CADB
A.   Talk, read, take time to bring your children to your place of work.
B.   Be the role model thru sharing your would with your kids. This provides them see the need for education and hard work.
C.   Time is the most precious thing parents can give their children.
D.   Giving children quality time promotes closer family ties.
1.   ACBD
2.   DABC
3.   BACD
4.   DCBA
5.   DBAC

A.   How can the new social order, tempered with justice and reconciliation, short of cronyism and dynasty-building be realized?
B.   The effective result of people power is shown in the provision for the development of a responsible and law abiding citizens.
C.   The scenario of the bloodless revolution was likened to a new born baby.
D.   Reconciliation with justice means a milestone of abusive officials who are held responsible for injustice they committed in the past.
E.   There was gladness and hope but more importantly, the problem of providing for the development of the child.
1.   CADBE
2.   CBADE
3.   CBDAE
4.   CABDE
5.   EBCDA
A.   Dr. Mona Venzon, the doctor who wrote the article on Hepatitis B, warned all to give a little time now and save a lot later in medical expresses.
B.    She warned that the virus works slowly but dangerously attacks the liver.
C.   The news item on Hepatitis B came out in the newspapers.
D.   She encouraged everybody to have a part of their precious time for an appointment with their doctors
1.   DCBA
2.   BACD
3.   DCAB
4.   BADC
5.   DBAC
A.   Talk, read, take time to bring your children to your place of work
B.   Be the role model thru sharing your world with your kids. This provides them see the need for education and hard work.
C.   Time is the most precious thing parents can give their children.
D.   Giving Children quality time promotes closer family ties.
1.    ACBD
2.   DABC
3.   BACD
4.   DCBA
5.   DBAC
A.   It is a democratizing , equalizing element in a society.
B.   A person has the right to have a profession thru education.
C.   A good university education gives mobility and social status.
D.   It is a viable means to combat poverty and inequality.
1.   ABCD
2.   DCBA
3.   BADC
4.   CBDA
5.   DBCA
A.   Upon conviction, the guilty party is removed from office and person can no longer occupy any public office.
B.   The House Justice Committee checks for probable cause of the complaints against the high official
C.   The Phil. Constitution that the President, Vice President, the members of the Supreme Court and Ombudsman may be removed from office by impeachment.
D.   Impeachment is initiated only by a verified complaint for impeachment by 1/3 of all members of the House of Representatives.
E.   The complaint is endorsed to the Senate.
1.   ABCDE
2.   ACBDE
3.   CDABE
4.   CBDEA
5.   CABDE
A.   Were you  a part of the People Power at EDSA on January 1016, 2001?
B.   It ended bloodless and peacefully, although the emotion was very high.
C.   The second People Power was called PP EDSA 2 and the major players were the oriented groups and various Christian communities like Couple for Christ, etc.
D.   Without the support and initiatives of cardinal Sin and former Pres. Aquino, the Estrada Resign Movement could have failed.
1.   ACBD
2.   CBAD
3.   CDBA
4.   BACD
5.   CDAB
A.   Metro Manila is one of the 10 most polluted cities in the world according to a United Nation’s study on environmental pollution.
B.   The Government has passed laws such as the “Clean Air Act” and the “Ecological Solid Waste Manager Act” to solve the meaning pollution problems.
C.   Its pollution index in critical levels, respiratory diseases has affected almost 75% of the population.
D.   By educating  ourselves and get united in taking care of our environment can we lessen this menacing environmental catastrophe.
E.   No matter how well are the laws being implemented if the citizenry themselves are indifferent to these problems, the laws will be an exercise in futility.
1.   ABCDE
2.   ACBED
3.   ABDCE
4.   BADCE
5.   ACDEB
A.   One sure way to improve the education system is to employ component teachers and improve their teaching skills.
B.   Due to poverty, parents fail to send their children to school.
C.   For lack of needed funds, teaching aids can be purchased.
D.   In most developing countries, poverty is a basic problem that causes social and economic problems.
1.   DCAB
2.   DBCA
3.   DBAC
4.   DABC
5.   CBAD
A.   The presence of American troops under the Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (MLSA) violates the Constitution.
B.   Terrorism has become a threat to world peace especially that militant groups are spreading violence especially to those countries who are perceived to be friendly to America
C.   However, it is sad to note that as more and more money and energy re spent to achieve world peace, more threats surface in achieving this.
D.   Vigilance, unity and cooperation should be undertaken to counter all those threats to world peace.
1.   ABCD
2.   ADBC
3.   ACBD
4.   ACDB
5.   DBCA
A.   Drug addiction has become one of the most meaning social problem affecting our country.
B.   The passage of the “Comprehensive Drug Abuse Act of 2002” and the establishment of the Presidential Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), reinforces the government’s solve to combat this social menace.
C.   This social  menace has afflicted almost half of every 10 youth of our country and has undermined our country’s very existence.
D.   The whole nation should work hand in hand in educating our youth as to the evils drug addiction.
1.   ABCD
2.   DBAC
3.   ACDB
4.   ACBD
5.   ABDC
A.   Segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable items and the existence of resources recovery center for recycling.
B.   Soda and bottled water companies and food manufacturers are encouraged to collect all tin cans, plastic bottles and strophe for recycling.
C.   The zero “zero waste” process is an ethical, economical and efficient way of looking at materials use that eliminates the concept of waste.
D.   It includes phasing out of plastics, encourage use of environment-friendly materials, controlled dumping, chemical-free farming, water conservation and environmental awareness.
1.   CDAB
2.   CBAD
3.   DCBA
4.   CDBA
5.   CBDA
A.   Each community is a society with responsibilities in concept building.
B.   The world is made up of several communities with different types of people.
C.   Nations of the world have various objectives concepts of their people qualities.
D.   Developmental trends in political and economic aspect of human lives affect people’s self-concept.
1.   BCAD
2.   DACB
3.   ABCD
4.   CADB
5.   CDBA
A.   Even retirees look for the right job when feel soon out lives their usefulness.
B.   The tremendous boom in part-time employment provides hundreds of people profitable use of time.
C.   The increase of employment agencies in the U.S.A. attests to this life quest.
D.   People are in search of work which fits into their lives.
1.   DCBA
2.   ABCD
3.   CBAD
4.   BADC
5.   ACDB
A.   Choke with civilization’s filth water lilies, they become eyesores.
B.   Rivers are fast becoming receptacles of human refuse.
C.   There is need for the government to wash the rivers.
D.   Instead of being a pleasure spot they new considered a plague.
1.   ABCD
2.   BDAC
3.   ADCB
4.   DACB
5.   ABDC
A.   Telephone bills, SSS contributions, income tax payment etc. are received by most bank.
B.   Many other forms of friendly persuasions are used by the banks to attract more patronage.
C.   Observes at once how banks are out to “humanize” their operations.
D.   Countless courteous operations are being offered to effect wholesome bank-customer’s relation.
1.   BADC
2.   CDAB
3.   BDCA
4.   ADBC
5.   DBAC

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