CSE – Practice Test 4


1. A COMMISERATE gesture from the management will lessen the possibility of strike at the factory.
a)      Timely
b)      Humane
c)       Polite
d)      Pleasant
e)      Consistent

Ans: B
2. There is DIVERSITY of opinion among the representatives in the conference.
a)       Similarity
b)      Uniqueness
c)       Unity
d)      Variety
e)      Series

Ans: D
3. The old man avoids joining discussions on political beliefs for fear of being TAUNTED by his co-workers.
a)      Mocked
b)      Criticized
c)      Threatened
d)      Embarrassed
e)      Assaulted

Ans: A

4. The victory of the party will further heighten business DESPONDENCY and aggravate the property of the people.
a)      Corruption
b)      Disillusionment
c)       Hopelessness
d)      Disorganization
e)      Unequality

Ans: C
5. The restaurants and galleries are ENSCONCED in an old brick chocolate factory.
a)       Designed
b)      Discovered
c)       Built
d)      Hidden
e)      Isolated

Ans: D
6. The whole country awaits the outcome of the economic recovery program with mixed feelings of apprehension and ALACRITY.
a)       Confidence
b)      Indifference
c)       Encouragement
d)      Determination
e)      Eagerness
Ans: E
7. A man is inviting criticism if the REPUDIATES his principles just to gain political support.
a)       Forgets
b)      Disowns
c)       Neglects
d)      Changes
e)      Reviews

Ans: B
8. The latest infrastructure projects of the city government are ENCUMBERED by financial constraints.
a)       Destroyed
b)      Arranged
c)       Planned
d)      Hindered
e)      Expedited

Ans: D
9. The new minister DECAPITATED many inefficient employees.
a)       Openly reprimanded
b)      Indefinitely suspended
c)       Demoted in rank
d)      Advised to reform
e)      Removed from office
Ans: E
10. The management EXCULPATED the worker after a thorough investigation and now he is.
a)       Hunted by the police
b)      Back to work
c)       Back in jail
d)      Scheduled for another hearing
e)      Made to suffer for the same offense

Ans: B
11. Flood is the INEVITABLE of uncontrolled deforestation.
a)       Seasonal
b)      Terrible
c)       Destructive
d)      Unavoidable
e)      Principal

Ans: D
12. The management was PROMOTED to strengthen its security system and employ more intelligence officers.
a)       Asked
b)      Requested
c)       Excited
d)      Expected
e)      Provoked

Ans: B
13. The old woman spends sleepless nights and DREADS the sound of gunshots from the hills.
a)       Dislikes
b)      Fears
c)       Pictures
d)      Anticipates
e)      Dismisses

Ans: B
14. Each one of the eight wonders of the world has its own PECULIAR features.
a)       Similar
b)      Distinctive
c)       Mysterious
d)      Pictorial
e)      Unexpected
Ans: B
15. There is a drive to check the further DETERIORATION of rivers and other inland waters.
a)       Degeneration
b)      Pollution
c)       Exploitation
d)      Destruction
e)      Exploration

Ans: A
16. Rather than being overly CAUTIOUS or pessimistic, take seriously the plans of the new administration.
a)       Secretive
b)      Critical
c)       Careful
d)      Optimistic
e)      Diplomatic

Ans: C
17. To attain a FORMIDABLE position, the efforts of the military must be based in the basic tenets of discipline and unity.
a)       Genuine
b)      Encouraging
c)       Common
d)      Manageable
e)      Powerful

Ans: E
18. Change is IMPERATIVE if society is to survive.
a)       Secondary
b)      Voluntary
c)       Necessary
d)      Beneficial
e)      Powerful

Ans: C
19. The exporter of a famous line of leather leather accessories is the ERSTWHILE owner of a dairy farm.
a)       New
b)      Famous
c)       Wealthy
d)      Former
e)      Outspoken

Ans: D
20. The governor condemned the illegal taxes levied on the HAPLESS populace of the island.
a)       Submissive
b)      Frustrated
c)       Frightened
d)      Unfortunate
e)      Illiterate

Ans: D

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