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Lawmakers urged to upgrade salary level of public school teachers

Lawmakers urged to upgrade salary level of public school teachers

Several lawmakers are asking others in the government to agree on a plan to raise the pay of public school teachers and college teaching staff to higher levels (salary grades 15 and 16). Lawmakers named Ralph Wendell Tulfo, Jocelyn Tulfo, Erwin Tulfo, Edvic Yap, and Eric Go Yap have introduced a bill, called House Bill 9418, to improve teachers’ lives.

These lawmakers point out that public school teachers work really hard. They give a lot of time, effort, and their own resources to teach and shape young people’s minds, even though they might not earn much money themselves. The lawmakers said that teachers and other education workers are important for the community but they struggle because they don’t get paid enough and don’t receive good benefits from the government.

They explained that the money teachers currently make is often not enough to live comfortably, especially with the economic problems in the country. The low pay can make teachers less likely to improve their teaching skills because they don’t earn enough to take extra training or education. Also, because of the low pay in their home country, many teachers choose to work in other countries where they can earn more.