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2023 Impressive Benefits and Cash Allowances of DepEd Teachers

2023 Impressive Benefits and Cash Allowances of DepEd Teachers


Benefits and Cash Allowances
Benefits and Cash Allowances

As we enter the year 2023, teachers in the Department of Education (DepEd) eagerly anticipate the impressive array of benefits and cash allowances that await them. These rewards not only reflect their hard work and dedication but also serve as an incentive for their continued excellent performance. In this article, we will explore the complete list of benefits and cash allowances for DepEd teachers in 2023.

  1. Performance Based Bonus

Teachers with outstanding performance will receive a bonus based on their performance classification under Executive Order No. 80, Section 2012. The bonus ranges from 50% to 65% of their basic salary and is typically disbursed in February or March.

  1. Clothing Allowance

An annual clothing allowance of ₱6,000 is provided to teachers, usually arriving in April.

  1. Mid-Year Bonus

Under DBM number 546, teachers receive a mid-year bonus equivalent to one month’s basic salary in May.

  1. PVP Summer and Christmas Break

Teachers who have rendered full service during the school year can enjoy 70 days of PVP during summer and Christmas break, as per rule 16 of the Omnibus Civil Service Rules, section 6.

  1. Chalk Allowance/Teaching Supplies Allowance

Teachers receive a ₱5,000 allowance for teaching supplies and materials, internet and communication expenses, and their annual medical examination. This allowance is usually disbursed between June and July.

  1. DepEd Anniversary Bonus/Teachers’ Day Incentive

In October, teachers receive a ₱1,000 bonus under DBM number 452.

  1. Year-End Bonus

On November 15, teachers receive a year-end bonus equal to one month’s basic salary.

  1. Cash Gift

A cash gift of ₱5,000 is given to teachers in November.

  1. PEI

The PEI, worth ₱5,000, is usually disbursed in December.

  1. Special Hardship Allowance

Teachers assigned to the most challenging assignments receive a hardship allowance of 15% to 25% of their monthly salary.

  1. Leave Privileges

DepEd teachers have access to Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, and Study Leave.

  1. Step Increment

Teachers with three years of continuous satisfactory service in their position receive a step increment.

  1. Loyalty Cash Incentive

Loyalty cash incentives range from ₱5,000 to ₱10,000, granted every 10th year of service or five years after.

  1. Vacation Service Credits

Teachers can accumulate up to 15 days of vacation service credits per year.

  1. Travel Allowances

Mobile teachers receive a monthly travel allowance of ₱2,000.

  1. Instructional Allowances

Mobile teachers are provided with an instructional allowance of ₱5,000.

  1. PERA

Teachers receive a monthly allowance of ₱2,000 as part of the PERA.


Benefits and Cash Allowances
Benefits and Cash Allowances

While these benefits and cash allowances undoubtedly bring excitement to teachers, many still feel that they are insufficient to cover their expenses and loans. Teachers eagerly await further announcements regarding potential increases in their salary, as promised by the President. As they patiently wait for news from Malacanang and the Department of Education, teachers remain hopeful for a brighter future with increased benefits and cash allowances in 2023. –  Doki | Helpline PH