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How to integrate technology into your classroom during limited face-to-face classes?

How to integrate technology into your classroom during limited face-to-face classes?

Technology is very important, especially now that we are in the modern world. It transforms the educational setting. Some schools have provided projectors, laptops, computers, and tablets for students and teachers to use during class hours. Before the pandemic, some teachers who are literate in technology were already using projectors and laptops to present their lessons to their class. With this technology, the students were better behaved and participated in the class discussion. Technologies are the best tools to use, especially in a large class. In our modern world, students have more fun with animations. The more students view the special effects in the stories, the more interested they become in participating in the lesson. Using a laptop and projector, the students can watch animated stories. With the help of technology, the students can actively create an imagination of the lesson that the teachers shared with them. 

For this school year (2022-2023), the Department of Education is encouraging the schools to conduct an expanded phase of limited face-to-face classes. In the limited face-to-face classes, each student should be seated 1 or 2 meters apart from another student. Classes in grades 1-3 have a maximum of 16 learners, classes in grades 4-6 have a maximum of 20 learners, classes in grades 7-10 have a maximum of 20 learners, and classes in grades 11-12 have a maximum of 20 learners. In this set up, IATF protocols do not allow group activities for students in the class. So the teachers using the most essential learning competencies (MELCS) should make a plan of activities that do not need group activities. Using the integration of technologies such as projectors, laptops, computers, and tablets into your classroom, you can make the allotted time for your subject the most significant. Why can I say this? Because you can let your students view your lessons through PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Prezi. Using these tech tools in your classroom, the students will not feel bored. For example, viewing an animated story, video clips, or a movie trailer. 

Presenting your lesson with the use of technology is a lot of fun and satisfaction. You can completely and excellently present your lesson because all the materials you need to present have already been downloaded to your laptop or computer. Therefore, the use of technology is more advantageous and less tiring than using traditional instructional materials. Optimizing available learning resources, such as technologies, is essential because, even if you are elderly or illiterate, you can learn to use them if you show an interest in doing so. – Doki | Helpline PH