How To Pass the Civil Service Exam: 10 Simple Steps

The scarcity of jobs is one of the main reasons why Filipinos are moving mountains just to get a stable job or at least a job. We live in a third world country where the security of health, livelihood, and most especially jobs are weak. Especially now that we are facing a global pandemic that will still be present for the incoming months. Filipinos want to have a secure job to provide for their families and one way to do that is to land a permanent position in government agencies such as the Department of Tourism, Department of Interior and Local Government, and the likes. 

Now the question is how to be qualified for a government position? To be qualified, you need to be a civil service passer. The Civil service exam usually held twice a year and usually scheduled in March and August. Many would think that passing the civil service exam is very easy and does not need much preparation but this is a myth. One must be extra ready and confident to pass the exam.

Here are the 10 simple steps to follow to pass the Civil Service Examination in one take. 

Prepare Review Materials

Prepare review material such as Civil Service Exam Reviewer ( most recent if possible). 
You may take a review at review centers or you may also take an online review which is sometimes free. There is a downloadable reading material online that you can review before taking the exam. You can search online for the civil service exam free reviewer. Please take note of review materials that are usually recommended by your coaches or those who already passed the exam.


Allot at least 5 hours a day in reviewing the reading materials. Turn off distractions such as wifis and TV. Focus on just reviewing and take notes on the most important information. Sometimes the review materials can be overwhelming. You may take out unnecessary information or review materials that existed 10 years ago or those review material that is irrelevant.

Take a Diagnostic and Mock test

Before going deep with your review, you may take a diagnostic test to identify the subjects where you are weak. If you already identify these subjects then provide enough time to study it. After reviewing for a certain amount of time please take a mock test at practice test bank for civil service or from another online website that provides mock exams for civil service.

Familiarize and don’t’ Memorize

During review do not memorize the information word for word. You only need to familiarize and take note of the most important information in the reviewer. If there are specific words that you need to remember you may form an abbreviation to recall it immediately. 

Sleep and Eat well

You must avoid reviewing over time. Remember you need a good 7-8 hours of sleep for your brain to work well and remember what you have reviewed. Aside from sleep your body also needs nourishment to prevent anxiety usually happens during the exam. Study shows that a diet rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids reduces the possibility of anxiety attacks that could impede your chances in passing the exam. 

Join groups with the same interest.

Join groups on the internet that has the same interest. You may share review materials and tips to increase your chances of passing the exam. Stay updated with the latest information regarding the exam and the latest additional information about the review materials.


Always pray for guidance and be optimistic that you will pass the examination. Negative thinking will not help you and will only cause anxiety.

During the Exam day, control your emotions and be confident that you will pass.

We can get very emotional during the test, and sometimes are overwhelmed by numerous test items that we lost our focus. We must learn to control ourselves, take a deep breath, and organize the test questions. Follow the instruction given by the proctor. Focus on the given questions first and answer them one by one. 

Take note of the instructions and be ready with your snacks.

A day before the exam, you must be ready with your snacks and water or any liquid to quench your thirst. The exam is long and you can get very hungry and thirsty. You do not have to suffer hunger and thirst during the exam because you are allowed to eat and drink at your station only. You also have to take note of the instructions such as proper shading and never leave an item blank. If you do not know the answer then take a guess. Answer all items and finish them on time. 

Focus on answering during the exam and take a day off after completing the exam.
After following all the instructions and requirements during the test always remember to finish it on time. If there are remaining items unanswered, you may just take a guess and answer it immediately. After taking the test you must relax and thank God for his guidance. Take a day off and enjoy the things you missed during the time you focused your time in reviewing for the Civil Service Exam. Enjoy your time while waiting for the result and be patient. 

There is no need to panic and worry about the Civil Service Exam if you have prepared well. Condition your mind and body to the healthy practices for you to get most of the information that you have studied. Stick to the plan and focus your mind on the upcoming exam and you will pass. Stop wasting time on things that will not help you achieve your goal to pass the Civil Service Examination. – karie | Helpline PH