3 Effective ways to consider before a lesson to drive students to participate in the activities

Effective ways to consider before a lesson to drive students to participate in the activities

Teachers should prepare before a lesson because effective teaching can happen when the teachers are ready for their classes. But how can teachers be the best educators they can be? To eliminate behavioral problems, teachers should create a stimulating environment before they begin teaching. To smoothly implement a lesson, teachers must have a comprehensive awareness of the numerous managerial duties that must complete before the session. The following are some of the things that must complete planning before a lesson:

Consider the Physical Design

Teachers should consider implementing certain lessons or additional specific issues related to the physical environment. For example, can the current physical design of the classroom accommodate this lesson or activity? Sometimes you may have an excellent idea for an action to support a particular concept, but the room may not be accommodating.    

In this activity, consider the teacher who wants to simulate the solar system and the distance between the planets; this probably won’t be possible in the classroom because there is not enough space to spread the students out to accurately represent the distance between the worlds. The teacher will need to plan and find an alternate slot to conduct the lesson, such as the school’s front lawn or the playground.

Plan for Necessary Materials

Materials can include items that are pretty standard in classrooms, such as chalkboards, chart paper, markers, rulers, scissors, and glue. However, with the growing popularity of technology, you can now draw on a broader range of materials and incorporate iPads, interactive whiteboards, PowerPoint or Prezi presentations, etc. Remember, technology is very beneficial but can lead to distraction from students. Set up guidelines for your students to ensure the best use of technology as a tool.

Consider the Number of Students

The number of students participating in a lesson or activity is essential in designing and implementing engaging instruction. To ensure that students will not miss activities, be flexible enough to develop a plan for how to help the students who were not present during the lesson. An effective plan before a lesson will give the teachers confidence to achieve the target of 100% of students no one left behind in the class.

Decide How to Group Students

Many teachers like to incorporate cooperative work into their lessons, which requires students to work with other students. For the group work to go more smoothly, you need to think about how you will group students. For example, will students be grouped by interests or academic ability? Can students choose their groups, or will you assign the groups? In addition, how will you direct students to move into their groups? Therefore, teachers should encourage them to plan before a lesson to prepare questions attainable in the class within their allotted time.

These are valuable methods for teachers to use to plan before a lesson to prepare what they will do with their class. Preparing a lesson is not easy, but it should be planned because the best learning can be done when you are prepared during your lesson presentation. – Doki | Helpline PH