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Amazing: Female Teacher goes viral after she sang worship song during class and netizens love it

Amazing: Female Teacher goes viral after she sang worship song during class and netizens love it

A female teacher went viral online and even earn love and praises by netizens. This was after she sang worship songs during her class.

Ms. Liza Blog Facebook page shared her video of the female teacher singing a worship song in her class. This scene grabs different reactions from the netizens and community.

The identification of this female teacher is Annalisa Mulat. The teacher starts to sing a popular Cebuano worship song entitled “Dahunog”. This is an original by Influence Worship. The whole class starts to clap and cheer as the teacher renders her song.

The female teacher is sure to enjoy performing and singing praises to God. The students showed their amazement on their teacher’s performance. After singing one song, the students asked this female teacher to sing another song for them. According to the teacher, she granted the request of her students, BEED 3-B. Ms. Mulat stunned her students with her beautiful voice. She even apologized for singing it with wrong lyrics before having the chorus.

This rare moment is good and will always give a new taste to the world of education. This will give new light to the students to be closer to God in little ways they can as they learn as well. In today’s community of students where everything is fast pacing, a little bit of heaven is good.

The female teacher is an inspiration not only to the students but to the teachers as well. The fact that the students listened and cheered after the song, they must have liked it very much. This is what we need at present.

Teachers do have different innate talents that they hide but it will be their armor if needed. This video garnered different reactions from the people. Good job to this female teacher for sharing her talent to her students.Avril | helpline PH