Teachers heroic deeds against COVID – 19

We all have different responses with the current public health crisis. Some chose to save their own families, some needs to serve as frontliners, and some extended help through giving relief goods and offering free services.

Just like these teachers that we are about to feature. They never hesitated to give what they can offer in this time of crisis. This kind of people is what we really need now to combat starvation among the poorest of the poor.

Credit: Maam Elizabeth L. Santos

Credit: Maam Salar

Credit: Maam Rose Ma Rie

Credit: Maam El Aine

Credit: Sir Mario Corono

Credit: Maam Jennifer Salcido

Credit: Maam Joan M. Urbano

We salute you Ma’am and Sir! Tunay nga na dakila ang mga guro. May God bless you more and may you continue to spread love and hope to everyone.