Teacher went viral online after his excellent demo teaching

Teacher went viral online after his excellent demo teaching

A teacher went viral online after he did his demo teaching on February 17. It was an actual demo teaching as one of the activities in their School Learning Action Cell (SLAC). This happened in Cotabato City Central Pilot School. 

This teacher who went viral in social media is Sir Karil Undong. According to him, he put huge effort in the preparation of his demo. He said that his preparations lasted for at least one week all in all. Imagine his passion in this field of work. 

Teacher Karil Undong is teaching as a kindergarten teacher in the said school. He is hoping to show his masterpiece to his students when the face to face classes will return. His co-teachers praised him for his dedication and love for teaching.

Not only this teacher went viral online, he also garnered the respect of the Netizens. His viral video showing his demo teaching reached 1.6 million views already. It also has 36 thousand reactions from the Netizens.

Credit: Maam Eden Jurane

Teachers nowadays are preparing for the possible face to face classes resumption. This gesture of Sir Karil Undong is someone who is passionate about his work. It is very clear that teacher Karil is missing his students very much.

This teacher went viral online because he is one who puts everything into gestures. This somehow is an inspiration to all teachers amidst battling the pandemic.

As teacher Karil Undong is now famous in the online platform, he knows that he for sure inspired many. With this effort he got, we can vouch that he will always be the best in his field no matter the situation may be.

To the students of sir Karil and the students he will soon be teaching, you are very lucky to have him. There is no doubt you will learn a lot from him. Learning must be very exciting if all teachers be like him. – Clea | Helpline PH