Salute, Ma’am! Teacher Continues Teaching Even While Carrying Her Child

Salute, Ma’am! Teacher Continues Teaching Even While Carrying Her Child

There’s a truly heartwarming story making waves online about a public school teacher from Negros Occidental, who’s winning hearts and moving netizens all over. Ma’am Renilen Casagan-Tingson, who’s just 28, is a force to be reckoned with, as she masterfully balances her role as a teacher and a mother.

You’d find it genuinely captivating if you saw her Facebook post – there she was, standing in front of her class, holding her little girl, and teaching at the same time. Inspiring, isn’t it? It breaks that stereotype of work and family being two separate entities.

Renilen made a stand with her post, saying, “I am not a bad employee because I am a mother, and I am not a bad mother because I am an employee.” This statement echoes loud and clear, a shout-out to all working moms out there.

She defies the notion that having a child with her at work would affect her performance. Renilen shares, “Unfiltered moment in my life as a working mom. When you become a mother, you truly understand how much you can do/give for your child and children (students) who depend on you every day.”

Her students get it. They know she’s both a doting mom and a dedicated teacher. Renilen exclaims, “Just because I bring my child to work every day doesn’t mean I neglect my responsibility as a teacher. In fact, there are only a few weeks left in this school year, and I couldn’t be prouder of myself for balancing these roles so well.”

The firmness in her voice echoes in her words, “YOU are not considered less of a worker if you’re a mother.” It’s a powerful reminder that being a mother does not make one less capable or less valuable in the workforce.

In an interview, she opened up about why her daughter is always by her side at work. “I grew up without parents. I know the loneliness that comes with not having caring parents. I don’t want my daughter to experience that. I want to be there for her,” she shared. She also expressed her concerns about finding trustworthy caretakers and the anxiety that leaves her if she leaves her daughter with others. “Her father is also working,” she added.

The admiration for Renilen is astounding. She’s being lauded for her dedication to her “two children” – her own daughter and her students whom she treats as her own.

As I write this piece, her Facebook post has gone viral with a staggering 9.6k shares. Renilen’s story is a testament to the unwavering spirit of working moms everywhere, a shining beacon that inspires all of us to find that perfect balance in our lives.