Pregnant teacher needs to climb a cliff and cross the sea then walk again to reach her school

Pregnant teacher needs to climb a cliff and cross the sea then walk again to reach her school

This is an inspirational story of a pregnant teacher who treads every obstacle in her way to teach.

Teachers are bold as they can be and they are not afraid to face hardships as long as they can help the students. There are many stories of teacher untold all across the globe and still we find the rarest ones.

Netizens showed their sympathy when they discovered the story of a pregnant teacher. This is the story of teacher Jay Ann Salibio who is teaching in Patag Elementary School in Occ. Mindoro. Teacher Jay Ann is currently pregnant yet she needs to pass all the obstacles to reach her school.

According to teacher Jay Ann, the school where she is teaching is too far. She needs to cross the sea and climb a cliff, then walk again for two hours more to reach her destination. She needs to do this to fulfill her duty and teach the students that waits for her.

The fact that she is a pregnant teacher and she is due to give birth anytime is another problem. She should now be resting and preparing for delivery yet here she is, still teaching. She decided to still teach her students despite her constraints.

Teacher Jay Ann sacrificed because she can’t leave her students without a substitute. Her main problem is when it comes to her delivery due since their place doesn’t have hospitals. Her school is in the heart of the forest and the only means of transportation is through a “bangka“.

It is clear in the teacher’s face that she is in great difficulty. The school request DepEd life vest from DepEd for their safety but there is still no update from the said agency.

Teacher Jay Ann’s determination and perseverance as well as sacrifices are very strong. Netizens were all proud and praised her a lot. This is uncommon for pregnant teachers out there to do. Not all can sacrifice their life as well as their unborn child to report to duty.

This story is very rare and inspiring yet scary as well. The teacher is a symbol of strength in many ways. Pregnancy is never easy yet she sacrificed because she loves her students and her job. This may not be the case for all teachers since many of pregnant teachers take an early maternity leave. It is to ensure safety for both the baby and the mother as well.

The department should look into action for problems like this in different regions. For sure there are other teachers with the same difficulty as teacher Jay Ann. – Clea | Helpline PH