Resilient Teacher Inspires: Overcoming Asthma to Educate Students – A Heartwarming TikTok Story

Resilient Teacher Inspires: Overcoming Asthma to Educate Students

This teacher garnered heartwarming reactions on TikTok for her unwavering dedication to teaching and overcoming asthma to educate students. Cher Jean (@cherjean17), an elementary school teacher, posted a video on her account showing her dictating to her students while holding her nebulizer. Her caption read, “Just asthma, my little ones still have an exam. #teacher #fyp #examination.”

Throughout the video, she can be seen intermittently coughing due to her asthma. The clip has received nearly 395.2k views and numerous comments from netizens moved by Teacher Jean’s commitment.

One user, @sharnel28, commented, “It’s hard for teachers to take a day off, as they don’t have vacation leave or sick leave, according to my spouse.” Another user, @dylan88saavedra, explained, “Even when sick, they still show up because they get a 1k deduction for an absence, especially if they don’t have credit service.” @shybarnedonana added, “It’s really difficult for teachers to be absent; not only is there a deduction, but the children suffer as well.”

A fellow teacher, @kylamusicaly0, also related to Cher Jean’s situation, saying, “I’m like that too when I have an attack in the classroom, which is why I always carry my nebulizer.” This teacher’s dedication to her profession is truly commendable. She deserves a higher salary and better benefits! (Moises Caleon)