March 2022 LET Passer Genius is Top 3 and Save her College Alma Mater

March 2022 LET Passer Genius is Top 3 and Save her College Alma Mater

Lucille Taro Dejos is a March 2022 LET passer who topped third in the said exam and saved her Alma Mater. Miss Dejos is one of the passers of the latest LET held on March 2022 together with her batch mates. They are from Talisay City College, Cebu. Miss Dejos saved the education department of their school from getting dissolved.

The pressure put on the shoulders of Miss Dejos and her batch mates was heavy. They were the measurement for their department’s verdict. The 24-years old March 2022 LET passer made sure to claim her victory right after the exam.

According to this March 2022 LET passer, their LET performance was the final say. They need to make sure they grab the beacon so they can save their department. Since she topped third, she was the “saving grace” of their department.

“I was really pressured while reviewing for LET, especially when our dean told me that if we do not pass, the education department of our school might be dissolved.

“I admit that it scared me to take the LET and fail.” – according to Miss Dejos

This March 2022 LET passer also said that her utmost goal is to get licensed and find a regular job. Miss Dejos is hitting two birds at the same time. She wanted to help her parents immediately.

Her father is a welder and her mother is a dressmaker. Miss Dejos became a tutor to enroll in a review center. She was very happy upon the news on her being top 3. She got the rating of 91.4 percent.

According to Miss Dejos, teaching is her dream because she loves children. Being on top three is the start of her journey on being a teacher. She was very grateful for the love and support she received from the supporters.Clea | Helpline PH