Inspiring story of a backhoe operator daughter defying all hindrance in life to be successful

Inspiring story of a backhoe operator daughter defying all hindrance in life to be successful

An inspiring story of a daughter of a back hoe operator went viral online after it garnered praises. The story of Guillerma Idias from Dalaguete Cebu is a true inspiration to all the young teens out there.

Photo: facebook/ CDN Digital

This inspiring story of Guillerma is something that all teens should live up to.  Guillerma is a kind of daughter who is proud of her parents. She does not hide her true situation and in fact she is proudest to tell the whole world that her father is great. She was never ever embarrassed that her father is a back hoe operator.

This is the kind of story that we must tell the young generation nowadays. It is the true beauty of the sacrifices of the father that brought Guillerma to where she is right now. Without her father, she wouldn’t have graduated High School. 

This inspiring story is very relatable with many of us who also have the same story like Guillerma. She was very proud to post her picture together with her father Tatay Florentino. Tatay Florentino tried to rush off to her graduation from his work.

The inspiring story reached some good hearted people including Chooks-to-Go management. They even tried to reach Guillerma from Manila to Cebu to award her in person.

This little gesture of gratitude from Guillerma to her father earned her an award. Chooks-to-Go offered Guillerma to pay her tuition for her college. Not only that, they also gave her a little amount to celebrate her graduation with her family. 

Congratulations Guillerma and keep the fire burning. This inspiring story of yours will be read by many generations after you. Your story is a true example that respect and gratitude to parents will always be enough to get you going. Without our parents, we are nothing. Thank you dear parents for your sacrifices! – Clea | Helpline PH