Husband did three jobs to buy his teacher wife a laptop

Husband did three jobs to buy his teacher wife a laptop

A husband did three jobs to buy his teacher wife a laptop. This inspiring story goes viral over social media that proves how a husband loves his dear wife.

This pandemic, it is not only the students who are having troubles in doing online learning. Teachers as well have their own struggles and one of these struggles is the laptop to use for teaching.

Teacher Nurul Akma Abd Rashid is a 25 years old teacher teaching kindergarten. She has no personal laptop to use for her own classes during the pandemic. Not all teachers have enough salary to buy needed gadgets for the online teaching. This is the reason why she borrowed laptop from her co-teachers to use.

The husband of teacher Nurul saw his wife struggling and he was very sad. He wanted to give his wife a laptop so she could do her work without any hindrance. The husband did three jobs to help his wife. He work as a delivery rider and also did online selling to accumulate money. Shahrul Amri Ibrahim, the husband is a biomedical technician by profession.

In his TikTok video, he shared the emotional reaction of his wife during the surprise he did. He bought a laptop for his wife from the money he earned from the three jobs. His wife can’t contain her happiness from the thoughtfulness o her husband.

The husband did three jobs to buy a laptop for his wife and yet the people are so proud of him. This is a true inspiration to all couple out there and to those with teachers as their partners. You may not know how the teachers are struggling nowadays because they stand strong. As partners, you can extend you support to your other half by any means you can. This pandemic, we can only lean on our closest friends and family for support. – Clea | Helpline PH