Grade 7 balut vendor inspired many netizens on social media, help is on the way

Grade 7 balut vendor inspired many netizens on social media, help is on the way

A Grade 7 balut vendor is now viral because of his inspiring story. A netizen uploaded a picture of the student vendor while resting after a tiring day.

According to Areane Reanoga Tabalan, the student vendor asks her if he could sit with them. He asks them if he could take a nap since he is very tired and sleepy from peddling.

It was already past midnight but the Grade 7 balut vendor is still on the streets. He was trying to finish off his unsold balut. He also told them that he doesn’t have mother anymore and that his father is very sick. It is the main reason why he is struggling a lot.

Impressed by his mature actions, netizens were praising him because of his diligence. The fact that he will still be in the school at 7am in the morning does not stop him from working to earn. He was very eager to finish his studies to help his father. Upon learning his story help from different people is coming.

The Grade 7 balut vendor is Jerahmeel Dela Cruz . His nickname is “Memeng” which is the nickname given by his neighbors as well. He lives in Paradise, Malanday, Marikina City.

This is the whole post:

“Guys! pasikatin natin ang batang ito para matulungan, lumapit ang batang ito samin para makiupo at magpahinga dahil pagod at antok na antok na daw po sya.. nagtitinda sya ng balut para may pambaon sya sa school, wala na daw po syang nanay, ang tatay naman nya ay may sakit kaya sya nagsusumikap, mamayang 7am pa daw pasok nya pero gabing gabi na naglalako pa sya ng balut, Grade 7 na daw po sya.. Napakasipag ng batang ito at dapat nabibigyang pansin, paki Share na lang po..”

The story of this Grade 7 balut vendor is rare. Most students nowadays though struggling are still blessed with parents and guardians. In other words, he is more pitiful but his perseverance is great.

A great lesson is clear in his story. In his young mind, he wanted to make sure he surpasses bitterness. He is willing to change his future so he is struggling to make ends meet. Young teens nowadays should be like him. Blessed by parents and the ability to go to school, they should not waste the opportunities in front of them. “Strike while the iron is hot.” It means they have to be persistent in their dreams to fulfill it.

For all the students out there, please ponder on yourselves. Are you serious about your studies? Are you wasting too much opportunity for things that can’t help you in the near future? If so, now is the time to stand and make your path to success clearer. Do it now, not tomorrow or else time will not be a friend. Remember, you are more blessed. There are thousands of children out there who wanted to study but are unable. You are lucky so make the most of it. – Clea | Helpline PH