Grade 1 teacher became the number 1 fan of her achiever pupil

    Grade 1 teacher became the number 1 fan of her achiever pupil

    How a Grade 1 teacher does became the number 1 fan of her achiever pupil? A very inspiring story of a young boy who melts the heart of his teacher is viral.

    As we all know, life is tough for all especially with the pandemic we still have at present. Even though life is cruel, Grade 1 pupil inspired many with his story. Jayson D. Maghirang is a Grade 1 pupil. He is an achiever and he championed the mathrathon contest in his school. The teacher is very proud of him and became his number 1 fan.

    According to the post of the Grade 1 teacher, the young boy deserves to have a prize so she brought him to Jollibee to eat. The boy shies as he tells her that he still didn’t get to step inside Jollibee before. It will be his first time. The Grade 1 teacher is emotional as she knew his story.

    The Grade 1 teacher heard from the young boy that they don’t have TV nor electricity in their house. Even going to Jollibee is his first time since birth. The Grade 1 teacher melts upon hearing his story.

    Number 1 Fan 1

    Credit: Maam Venus Sulit/ Facebook

    Number 1 Fan 2

    Credit: Maam Venus Sulit/ Facebook

    As someone as young as the boy, he already experienced hardships in life but he is still smiling despite all. He is even an achiever in his school. If only all young generations can relate to this story. If only they also will give importance to what they have in the present. If only these youngsters value education a lot like this young boy, for sure all is set.

    The young generations will be the next hope of the world and it is very sad to note that most youngsters don’t care at all. Yet, if they internalize and look at the story of this young boy, they will understand their purpose. – Clea | Helpline PH

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