Genius Cum Laude in College was a Lazy Student during Elementary: He Topped 3 in the Board Exam

Genius Cum Laude in College was a Lazy Student during Elementary: He Topped 3 in the Board Exam

A genius cum laude in college is now trending online after Netizens know his story. How could everyone believed that he once was a very lazy student during his elementary? Yet, he is now garnering Top 3 in the board exam.

Photo: Jonald Delos Santos Traquiña | Facebook

This is the story of a genius cum laude in the name of Jonald Delos Santos Traquiña. He doesn’t have interest in studying at all. Even during school activities, he does not budge to do it because he was lazy. He even got a failing grade of 74 in one of his subjects in elementary.

It was September 2010 that he diced to stop going to school and never go to high school. On one of his post on Facebook dated March 26, 2022, he said this.

“Back then, my parents were so disappointed because they wanted me to finish my education to get a decent job in the future.”

Jonald finished high school after five long years. This was the time he continue to college. This genius cum laude in college proceed to get Bachelor of Elementary Education. He enrolled in Southern Luzon State University (SLSU)-Polillo Campus.

Life during these times was hard for him. Their family has financial problems and his parents found it hard to send pay his tuition. It was this time he decided to support himself.

“When I was studying in college, I also struggled a lot. Back then, I was selling cassava chips and yema spread, tutoring three children after my night class so that I could have my own money to support my studies.”

“I also had to study late at night because I had grades to maintain.” – Jonald said

The sleepless countless nights were also struggle. He also couldn’t eat in a proper way those times. This genius cum laude had to suffer enough by then. Yet, this was his motivation to never stop. He wanted to give his parents the best graduation gift. 

Who would have thought this lazy student would become a genius cum laude in college? He was once a lazy student but he becomes a responsible son to his parents during college. 

“I didn’t just graduate with multiple awards for being a student leader, but also with Latin honors.

“Those struggles which I had experienced for the past ten years just to redeem myself were not just struggles for nothing but also blessings from above.”

Jonald graduated college on May 2019 as cum laude. In January 2022, Jonald took the Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers. He was then teaching at SLSU at that time. This genius cum laude garnered top 3 with an average of 92.20 percent. 

According to Jonald, his family was the happiest.

Sobrang saya po ng aking pamilya, mga kababayan sa bayan ng Polillo at ng SLSU Polillo.

“Ito ang unang beses na nagkaroon ng LET topnotcher na nagmula sa aming paaralan kaya’t napakalaking biyaya ito para sa amin.

“Sulit ang dalawang taon na paghahanda at panalangin!”

This story of Jonald is an inspiration to all youngsters out there. This genius cum laude proved that the journey in life is changeable. You may be lazy now but you will soon realize how good it is to finish college.  – Clea | Helpline PH

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