Delivery rider before, a certified PhD after four (4) years

Delivery rider before, a certified PhD after four (4) years

Being a certified PhD (Doctor of Education) is never easy. You need to take all the risk there is to get to your position. It also entails a huge amount of money for the tuition and to add in, the funds for your thesis writing. Only those who persevere will get to the highest peak in this area.

An inspirational story is viral recently because of it’s moral. A Food Delivery rider is the center of attention when his story went famous. His wits and determination pushed him to become a certified PhD (Doctor of Education). He managed to synchronize his work and his studies with the support of his family.

Mohd Akmar Azhar, a 36 years old Malaysian succeeded in his dreams. Before he got this success, many struggles were ahead of him. He succeeded in his PhD in the degree of Pharmaceutical Technology.

The inspiration of his story went viral not only in his country but to the Philippines as well. Many grab riders in the Philippines can relate to his story. The difficulties of his job are persistent yet he managed to swept away all those.

In the Philippines, many food panda or any grab riders are doing the same. The usual struggle to help the family during the pandemic. Others to save money for studies, all has their own stories to tell.

This story reminds us that money is not a problem if and only if the person has determination. There are people who are lucky enough to go to school without worries. There are also people like our story today who have nothing but perseverance yet succeeded.

Our success depends on our actions. Determination is the biggest factor to reach our dreams. If today you find yourself in the place where it is hard to succeeded, think positive. For all I know, there is always blessing from above for those who pray and struggle. We can all become a certified PhD if we live our lives without regrets. – Clea | Helpline PH