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Incredible classroom observation instructional material of a teacher went viral and is genius

Incredible classroom observation instructional material of a teacher went viral and is genius

Classroom observation instructional materials are extensions of teacher’s lives. They live to upgrade and remake and make their instructional materials the best if possible. The instructional materials will help them as they teach young learners.

Photo: Domingo Diones Lasala Jr / Facebook

One teacher went viral online because of his classroom observation instructional material. This teacher is Mr. Domingo Diones Lasala Jr., an elementary teacher. Teachers praised him for being so creative in his instructional material. For sure, his new normal students will love his lessons and discussions everyday.

Sir Doming’s creativity in making his classroom observation instructional material is superb. All teachers do have their own style in teaching but the ability create effective IM is on another level.

After he posted his classroom observation presenting his instructional material, teachers praised him. His co-teachers and other teachers as well as common viewers salute his creation. The instructional material is great for the learners. The instructional material will for sure help learners grasp the lesson as quick as it can be.

Classroom observation instructional materials vary from one teacher to another. It also differs in content and intensity as elementary pupils need these the most. In this manner the learners will have an effective learning.

This story of Sir Doming will be an inspiration to all teachers to also showcase their IM’s. It is better to show it to the community of teachers so other can use it as well as a reference for their new normal class. It is a way to help the students gain new learning with the help of these creative IM’s.

Our teachers are doing great everyday as they prepare for the new normal learning. If they don’t have the necessary budget to buy the needed materials they create their own. Good classroom observation instructional materials are a must. This is the reason why teachers tried their best to create new materials everyday.  – Clea | Helpline PH