A student in Cebu didn’t finish the board exam and guess what, he is the no.1 topnotcher

A student in Cebu didn’t finish the board exam and guess what, he is the no.1 topnotcher

Board exams are tiring and stressful to everyone who took it and will take it. It takes your whole focus and energy to make sure you have the chance of passing it. It is of course aided by prayers and more and more reviews.

Sometimes board exams played our fates. Some takers will pass it and some will not regardless of all the efforts. Is there a chance for a taker who did not finish the exam to pass it? A very inspiring story will prove to us that miracles do happen during board exams.

Brylle Gilbuena, a 22-year old Cebuano garnered the highest rating in Mechanical Engineering. He got the rating of 88% in the said board exam despite the struggles. Of the 1, 904 takers, 1,083 passed the exam. Gilbuena is the no.1 topnotcher though he was not able to finish answering all the questions in the exam.

Gilbuena shared that he had difficulties in the exam especially in Math and Science.

“For five hours, I was not able to answer all 100 questions,” he said.

What is amazing in the story of Gilbuena is that during his college days, he doesn’t have any academic honors. He was a working student so he has to balance his time for work and studies.

In his elementary and high school years, he was an honor student. He was the youngest of 5 siblings and their parents don’t have stable jobs. His big sister is the breadwinner of the family and the one who helped him in his studies.

The story of Gilbuena is amazing and inspiring as well. This is a proof that God will bless those who pray hard and work double to achieve his dreams. Despite life’s constraints, this new engineer pursued everything in his own capacity. The fruit of his labor are huge indeed. – Clea | Helpline PH