A Sentiment of a Teacher

Sadly, we can read various judgment and negative thoughts online about teachers being at home amid this COVID-19 threat and still receiving full salaries and benefits. We receive hurting words from doing nothing as they say. Little did everybody know that staying at home is a big contribution to stop this pandemic.

Here is a sentiment, an answer of a teacher to all accusations, judgment and comments against teachers, in this time of supposed to be oneness against our real enemy “the virus”.

Teachers pay even without doing anything!!! Teachers have a big salary!!!!

We hear it often

Where are you!!???

Is it easy to be a TEACHER!!!!!

WHY? Do you really want to get your kids out of the house so we can teach in school? So we can do something in school?
Where are you during the election and we stay awake to count and transmit your votes? Even though politicians are shooting but we hug the ballots? (THAT’S COMELEC, huh? WE ARE DEPED)
Where are you also while we are census and counting the people in the Philippines? When you are free to be chased by a dog, disrespected by other mannered? (PSA yan ha, we are DepEd)

Additionally the problem with the parents that you are asking for their child’s birth certificate that has arrived in grade 6 and not yet.

Whenever there is a disaster, who also runs and takes care of when you move and need the evacuation area, we are also the ones who are the ones who are commissioned in different disasters to point out like Earthquake drill, fire prevention month and others

(DRRMM yan Deped kami)

Where were you also as we hit the land in school to vegetable farm in response to the Vegetable Program? (DA yan ha DepEd us)
Where are you while we take vitamins, and purge your children? (DOH yan ha, we are DepEd)
In our duty teachers floating with a lot of documents asking for and at home we still carry out activities without overtime pay but there is undertime deduction do you want me to be one by one

For you to be awakened, it is difficult to be a teacher

Sf 1-10



Sf -3
Monthly accomplishment
Test paper
Item analysis
Grading sheet
Daily quiz
Nutritional status pre and post
Rmps during vacation
Daily lesson plan
Reading pre and post
Coordinator Reports
Feeding program

Pograms without budget like SS.

Nutrition month

Language Month

Teachers Day


Christmas Day
Quarterly Recognition
Valentines Day
That’s just some of the programs you should think of in their own pocket

There are only few not in half so now say it’s easy to be a teacher
Where are you also whenever we feed children who lack weight, right, it’s called FEEDING dibat, few want to help, just count their fingers

Hello God!!!

There are teachers who are also attending that almost half of their salary is getting, include the areas where they will cross the river and sea even though it is flooded and big flow, there is already shooting but they are still there to watch out for the kid, how many kilometers do others walk to their school almost many don’t go home or week or monthly go home because of the distance of assignment

Now say it’s easy to be a teacher

Do teachers have a big salary?

Mo this is what I’m going to tell you it’s pulling out of his own pocket what does a teacher chalk allowance receive in a year do you think that’s the only thing teachers spend, think where they are taking others from MOOE already will not suffice all their needs or better to say MOOE or My Operating Expences.

That’s just a few of what we do as a collaboration with government agencies. Did we complain?
Now, do you want me to unite our real job as a teacher? Space will make us feel good, I’m telling you.
PLEASE don’t hit the teachers like that. We are both workers with different job descriptions. So before you judge, weigh it better.
We are at home now because we are protecting our children. And honestly, WE DON ‘ T JUST SLEEP IN OUR HOUSES. Your child’s card? His permanent record? His attendance from June to March? His online registration where we encoded even your name? Being your 4 PS will also mark. And that’s online! All the activities that your child joined will make a report. Will also make plans even school brigade again so that when it comes to June, your child will go straight.
There are only few of our jobs… and in our house they are doing that now. Our load is gone. Exhausted gigs of our internet.

Learn how to respect every FILIPINO worker. WE ARE ALL DOING. WE SHOULD BE HELPING!