EMPLOYEE share to GSIS remittance will still continue to be deducted thru payroll system

Starting April 2020, Employee share to GSIS suppose not to be deducted due to the current COVID-19 crisis as Bayanihan Law stipulates. But since, DepEd did not yet receive the official instruction for this moratorium, finance team are advised to process April salary with deductions. DepEd assures that necessary adjustments will be made after official instruction is receive.

Read the Department of Education statement below.

“EMPLOYEE share to GSIS remittance will still continue to be deducted and paid thru the payroll system. We will wait for further instruction on the moratorium to pay loan payments and mandatory remittances through presidential directive or appropriate issuance.
The bayanihan law stipulates that implementing guideline to effect this will be issued. Hence, without the issuance of the directive as of to date, the april payroll will still have deductions. We will adjust accordingly once we receive the official instruction on this.
In the meantime, since gusto natin ADVANCE na release ng salary, let finance team process and remit the April salary with deductions muna. Those implementing units with remaining cash from March NCA has paid april salary and clothing allowance. Otherwise, your ROs, SDOs and schools wait for the crediting of the cash from DBM on April 1 for them to remit all april salary and clothing allowance. This is the process and deped did its best to proactively work on these despite the ECQ and lockdown constraints.
Thank you for the skeletal workforce of deped who did all of these for us. They will also process and pay the remaining benefits due in April and May and these are May salary, mid year bonus and PBB pay.”