“Wait until you become” – lines of supervisors, principals, and master teachers

“Wait until you become”

“Wait until you become!” this line is 100% legit from your supervisors in service. This line if very popular in the education society.

If you are a new teacher, you don’t have the right to complain for something your supervisors assigned you to do. This is the protocol in the education set-up. Seniority is best practice for most schools in the country and this line is the tag line for all.

So, how does this line affects teachers? “Wait until you become” is a general tagline of the supervisors. This is the line they say to their junior teachers when their position status is shaky. Sometimes, a new capable and intelligent teacher walks-in with self-confidence. When intelligence gets to the highest point that a junior teacher forgot she is new, the tagline is for her.

New teachers must understand that in the field of education, hierarchy is present. It means that you have to make sure to put yourself always on the ground and respect your seniors. Yet, in some cases this may not be always good.

In some activities where a new teacher is more capable than the heads, the skills he/she has may be of great help. But as soon as she realizes that he/she is only a pawn used by her supervisors and not given credit, she speaks up. Then the supervisors will tell her, “Wait until you become like us”.

This is the dilemma in the education sector. The new and capable warm bodies don’t want to burden themselves trying to please the heads. Why bother helping when your actions are not recognized?

Hierarchy and power in the position is crystal clear in every part of the globe. When people feel their positions are at stake, they need to make actions and say “back off, I am your senior!” Then that proud side of yours will be gone forever and wait until you yourself become one of them. – Alec | Helpline PH