Teachers Bold Request from DepEd is to Provide them all with Useful Laptop this 2022

Teachers Bold Request from DepEd is to Provide them all with Useful Laptop this 2022

Teachers need useful laptops as they have so many things to do in relation to their work as teacher. When we say “useful” it means not some laptop that has slow quality operating system. It means high standard quality useful laptops that will last for more years.

To recall, there was an issue about the laptops given or distributed to teacher in few select areas. Now, teachers from other regions localities are questioning these situations. They observed that instances like this are rampant in DepEd. All teachers need the same equipment, but they only select where to give it. Why can’t they provide this to all teachers nationwide? Why do they select the number of teachers to receive it?

Useful laptops are essential for the progression of the lessons of our teachers. If they give a laptop to one teacher, then they must give ALL teachers for the sake of fair treatment. One for all, all for one. One teacher must receive same equipment from the department for equality.

This is now the bold request of our teachers nationwide. They need useful laptops for them to work with ease. Yes, it is true that teachers have laptops already, but these are from their own pockets. Some others have it for installment every month.

Ou teachers need useful laptops especially now that we are in the era of technology. They should provide useful laptops to all teachers in the country. Useful laptops will make the reports of our teachers smooth and functional.

Teachers can always look for ways and means to get laptops whenever they want. Yet, the issue is that “all teachers must be equal” regardless of what, where and how. One teacher must receive what the others also have. A department that gives importance to its teachers will always stand tall no matter what. – Avril | Helpline PH