Not all teachers can wear their new uniform for the first day of classes

Not all teachers can wear their new uniform for the first day of classes

August 22, 2022 marks the first day of class for the School Year 2022-2023 in the public schools. All DepEd teachers are to wear their new sets of uniform for the new school year yet it is only an expectation. The reality is that not all teachers can wear their uniforms for the start of the school year.

Here are some reasons:

  • Delay of the arrival of the cloth from various suppliers because of the bulk of orders.
    Since teachers have different suppliers for the cloth, then expect delays of shipping. Teachers in Luzon can access more to these suppliers since most suppliers from Luzon.
  • Busy tailors due to demand resulting to delay of the finished product.
    Due to high demand of manpower, tailors can’t anymore accept many customers. Teachers are lining-up for the best tailors in town so there should also be delays in the output.
  • Some uniforms still have some issues or adjustments.
    After the tailors finish the orders, customers/teachers will fit the uniform. If it is too tight or too loose, then adjustments will push through.
  • There are some teachers who still didn’t order the cloth.
    There are teachers who weren’t able to order immediately due to some reasons.

Wearing of uniform makes a certain organization stand out from the rest. Uniform is vital not only to teachers but all the workers nationwide. The uniform is the signature of where you belong as a group. It helps people identify your profession in an instant.

DepEd have uniform unique from every other professionals thus you can tell if she/he is a teacher. From then till now, DepEd imposed strict implementation of the wearing of uniforms. Although considerations are present to all who still can’t wear their uniforms early.

Good luck teachers and students for your new beginning!