Top 5 instances when teachers experienced unfair treatment

Top 5 instances when teachers experienced unfair treatment

Are there instances when teachers experience unfair treatment? Some people might think that teachers always have the best of everything. They never know the truth that lies beyond every teacher’s life. Teachers struggled a lot more than anybody else in their entire lifetime. 

Here are the top 5 instances when teachers experience unfair treatment from others:

1. Always not included during government aids (ayuda). 

This is always experienced by almost all teachers. When disasters will hit a certain area, only those who don’t have work will receive aids from the LGUs. They always decline giving equal aids to teachers when they are also entitled to it. Who cares if they have salaries? Are they not citizen of the country? Regardless if they have salaries or not, they are bound to receive aids if they are also in the same area. Equal treatment must prevail. 

2. Not allowed to voice out their own opinions during elections.

During elections, they are not allowed to voice out their opinions. They are bound to zip their mouth all the time. They should be neutral in all they do. 

3. Struggled a lot in their plea for salary increase.

When other uniformed personnel get their salary increase that easy, teachers didn’t. The governments always declare no budget for teachers. This is the most unsatisfying answer ever! They knew from the beginning that teachers comprise the huge number of professionals. How come they didn’t expect a huge budget for the salary? Why is it so hard for them to give it when teachers are giving their services for the betterment of the nation? 

4. Always receive criticisms from others regardless of their service.

Many will criticize teachers for different things. They will never know the struggles of being a teacher until they become one.

5. Not given top priority during retirement.

Teachers give their service when their bones are strong but when they are weak and old they are useless. Not all the time their concerns are being cared for in GSIS. It is so sad but it is the reality of life of a teacher.

Only teachers will understand these things. Teachers could have been more aggressive in addressing their concerns but chose peace. Teachers experienced unfair treatments yet stay professional and never let their guard down.Clea | Helpline PH