The Undeniable Challenge of the Public School Teachers in the Opening of Classes

The Undeniable Challenge of the Public School Teachers in the Opening of Classes SY 2023-2024

Public school teachers in the Philippines loved their work more than themselves. Is this true or not? Without debate this is actually very true. Yet, these teachers that we have are also facing many challenges especially now. It has been two weeks already since the opening of the school year and our dear teachers worked very hard for it. From Brigada Eskwela down to the first day of school kick-off program, they all gave their best for it.

There have been so much work to do and their work schedules are giving a toll on their mental and emotional health. The very first week, our public school teachers felt exhaustion and hoarse voice. The educational environments nowadays are too different before. Teachers have to also give their best to adjust with these changes. The number of students per section is also something to add up to the wound.

Our public school teachers were holding onto the promises of their leaders. The promise that their paperwork be gone for good. The promise that they will be more relaxed and focus only on teaching. Where are these promises right now? Aside from that, the promise of getting pay-hikes that is their only source of motivation.

Being a public school teacher is not an easy job. Teachers dedicate their time on their work without getting the proper compensation. As the new school year opens up, these challenges were still the same as before, even more heavy as it is. How will teachers soar to their highest when they can’t even feel that they are valuable?

To generalize, public school teachers are only given praises in verbal form. What good will these praises do when it can’t even put food on the table? Verbal praise and commendations are nothing, because the reality, teachers are also humans. They work as teachers to earn money to survive and that’s it. There is nothing very special about it. – Avril | Helpline PH