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10 Types of Teachers During INSET or SEMINAR

10 Types of Teachers During INSET or SEMINAR

This funny list shows the different types of teachers you might see at a training session or seminar. There are all kinds of teachers, like ‘The Hungry’ who always have snacks, or ‘The Invisible’ who are somehow never there. Some teachers are really into taking notes and listening, while others might be more laid back or even sleepy. These fun names are a bit of an exaggeration, but they show how every teacher has their own way of being part of these educational events. It’s a way to see how every teacher is unique, but they all are there to learn and grow in their job.

  1. The Hungry – fond of snacks. Aside from notebooks and pens, their bags are filled with junk food, candy, or any kind of food. You’d think they’re carrying a laptop.
  2. The Nerd – their notes are overflowing… even if their handwriting is incomprehensible, they’re the ones who always listen intently to the seminar speaker.
  3. The Reporter – the loudest, always chatting with their seatmate and laughing loudly, so they end up not writing any notes.
  4. The Security – shhhhhhh… the one who quiets down the noisy ones.
  5. The Copycat – those who are a bit lazy to take notes, so they keep taking pictures of the PowerPoint presentation, sometimes even photographing their seatmate’s notebook… stylish!
  6. The Time Keeper – always looking at their watch… likes to sit at the back not because they are afraid to be called on, but so they can leave easily because it’s TIME.
  7. The Birds- always first in attendance and also first to leave… hehehe.
  8. The Zombie – like a zombie with their nodding heads because they want to sleep, more drowsy than an addict, like practicing for the afterlife.
  9. The Clearer – always has a question, just for the sake of asking something even though they already know the answer.
  10. The Invisible – their name is listed or they listed their name but are not present at the seminar. Period.

In conclusion, this list of teacher types at seminars is a playful way to look at how different teachers behave in these situations. It shows us that teachers, just like their students, have their own unique styles and personalities. Whether they are super focused, always asking questions, or just there to enjoy the snacks, each teacher adds something special to the mix. This reminds us that in the world of teaching and learning, there’s room for all kinds of people, and each one plays a part in making education interesting and diverse. – Avril | Helpline PH