Top 5 new normal education challenges experienced by most public school teachers

Top 5 new normal education challenges

The new normal way of teaching-learning is not that easy, instead it is very challenging. Teachers, students and parents have to deal with responsibilities across the way.

Here are the top 5 new normal education challenges experienced by most teachers:

1. Lack of understanding and support between students and parents

Students and parents should understand that their modules are important. Somehow, teachers feel that they only answer their modules for grade purposes. Even the parents lack the ability to lead their students. There are even parents who answered the modules because their students neglect it.

2. Teachers are accountable for everything

In all aspects of the educational system, the teachers are to blame if failures arise. This put on a huge impact on the performance of the teachers. Instead of doing great, they are bound by this fear to make little mistakes.

3. Too much paperwork for data collection

Collection of data are from time to time and teachers are also bound to do paperworks overload. The bulk of paperworks somehow added to the burden.

4. Keeping up with the expectations of the school heads

Head officials expect something from teachers and sometimes this pressures them. Instead of doing their normal work as teachers it turned out they don’t want to fail their heads. This is not right all along. Teachers should focus on their students other than other things.

5. Teachers working too many roles at the same time

Isn’t it the role of teachers to teach alone? Then why are there many roles played inside the campus? Well, multi-tasking is what you call it. I do believe in the adage “you cannot serve two masters at the same time” and it goes well with teachers. There are too many roles played and yet there is none mastered. Let us focus on the most realistic role of the teachers.

This time around, it is understood that teachers are flexible since there is a pandemic. We can’t afford to wait for miracles to happen. We all should start doing things for the greater purpose amidst this pandemic.