Top 10 (ten) things that public school teachers most need in delivering the “new normal” way of teaching

Top 10 (ten) things that public school teachers most need in delivering the “new normal” way of teaching

During the rise of this pandemic, we are in right now, it has been a seesaw decision between the government and the Department of Education as to the continued delivery of education to the learners of the Philippines. This pandemic has affected much of our lives and economy and even with the system of education that should have been a continuous grind. Even then, our education secretary is stern in her decision to still cater to the needs of our children even with the turmoil we are facing. In a slight view, she has a good point since learning shouldn’t be only contained in the four corners of the classroom. Instead of postponing the opening of classes, teachers were given webinars on how to conduct the new normal way of teaching through the different modalities: could be online, modular, or blended in such a way not to disrupt the learning of the student.

As a result of the arrived solutions, it has been also seen that teachers in delivering the new normal modalities of teaching need essential things that will help them relay their lessons to the learners. Below are the top 10 things that teachers need the most in the delivery education:


One teacher will consume at least three (3) reams of bond paper in a month. Some other subjects which require more pages for their modules will only last at least two weeks. Bond paper is the new teacher’s best friend.


Laptops are of great help in editing the learning modules and activity sheets that will be used in the modular modality. Most teachers have laptops but there are really those who don’t have one.


Not all teachers who have laptops have printers also. Many of them needed to go to the internet shops to print their materials but sad to note that during this pandemic, internet cafes are closed so where do teachers go? More printers mean more help to the teachers in finishing their jobs as early as possible.


The lessons that are put into the modules need to be downloaded via Google or any browser that’s why if a teacher doesn’t have internet or load for internet then no chance of downloads. It cost too much for teachers to use their own money on buying loads every week for this.

5. INK

Ink and more ink, please! In printing the modules, an ink refill is a must. Every week will cost you to buy a bottle of universal ink which costs Php 90 pesos more accurately. Imagine in one month adding the expenses just for the ink ALONE.


The modules will be adding space in the memory of a teacher’s laptop thus making it lag all the time. Instead, most teachers need to use USB or external hard drive to back-up the modules in case of any unwanted loss.


For those teachers whose subjects (like MAPEH) need to be reproduced timely, then a RISO copier is a must-have for every school.


Most of the students in the public schools are from the rural areas that why the teachers need to have a school service to bring the modules to its designated barangay halls and retrieve it back the next week. It is very costly to pay for renting a service almost twice per week in bringing the modules to our learners.


This will help the teachers to be protected in their work during the giving and retrieving of the modules.


Whether it will rain or shine, all modules should be well given to the learners. That’s why teachers need umbrellas or hats on their journey.

Some big schools don’t need to think where to get the budget in purchasing the aforementioned things since they are given a budget allocation but those smaller schools who only depended on the donations, they are also having a very hard time coping with this. In general, everybody doesn’t have a choice but to look for ways in order to make both ends meet no matter what. The innovative skills of the teachers will be tested during this time. For those parents that are complaining because they will be the one to help their children to understand their lessons, there is no point of complaining. Do your task as a parent. This pandemic is not forever so just be patient and enjoy the bonding with your children. For all you know, teachers are also praying that this pandemic will end so that we will return to our normal routines, in due time. – Clea | Helpline PH