Teachers team building: Is it good or bad?

Teachers team building: Is it good or bad?

Is forming teams advantageous to teachers? What does it mean to “build a team”? Many wonderful things contribute to team building, but make sure the teachers and principals involved are on the same page, because what good is a team building event if the teachers and principals are feuding? The environment is tainted by these circumstances. The goal of team building is for coworkers to form positive relationships and talk about ways to enhance their school and their students’ performance. Do you know the purpose of this event? Fostering camaraderie is an excellent idea. Keep in mind that team building is pointless if there are misunderstandings or disagreements among the teachers. What is good about team building if the majority of the teachers are arguing and unable to communicate with one another? Do you believe there is a sense of belonging? There is no such thing as a team. It is preferable not to seek team building if the workplace is characterized by hostile teacher behavior.

If your event is about team building, you should keep it separate from other school events such as blessings, classroom turnover, birthday celebrations, or any other occasions that could detract from the event’s purpose. Giving feedback while the teachers and principal are gathering outside of the school is an example of team building that should be focused on the school’s improvement and the performance development of the teachers and students. While unwinding and viewing the gorgeous landscape of the location and breathing in the fresh air, work planning is the key to addressing challenges and problems in school during team building. The purpose of team building is to plan what to do and talk about the topics that should be prioritized in school before the school year ends. Therefore, there will be an emphasis on not just strolling around the venue but also giving time for feedback.

Team building requires a positive working relationship with your teammates. If you think your school has a lot of poor behavior from your peers, don’t start team building. What good is team building if your school doesn’t have the word “team” in its vocabulary? Ego, pride, jealousy, and envy are already rife in your school. It is considerably more convenient to stay at home and watch TV or complete assignments such as checking modules and recording scores. The school principal is weak and terrible at controlling this type of behavior by your colleagues since he or she is automatically influenced by teachers who have negative behaviors compared to the previous principals who ran the school. One of the reasons why teachers have conflicts with their coworkers is the principal’s lack of disciplinary action, supervision, and leadership. Why did good teachers hate a principal like this? Is the principal unconcerned about the well-being of his or her employees? He or she is preoccupied with another outside business and does not like to be stressed. Is this the kind of leadership that teachers want? A principal serves as a father or mother figure in the school, and he or she avoids getting involved in anything that can cause stress. Why did he/she pass the principals’ test? Oh, mama Mia, the primary function of the principal of a school is to supervise and evaluate teachers and students. Did the principal fulfill his/her responsibilities? As a result, teachers are left in the dark about what they should and shouldn’t do. As a result, teachers have valid grounds for abstaining from team-building activities.

It’s nice to hear the words “team building,” but are the people who participate in team building pleasant? Your boss and a few of your coworkers are toxic. Are you a toxic teacher at your school? When a teacher is toxic, what does it mean? A toxic teacher is compared to an angel who was cast into the river and sea after being rejected by God. They have a lot of power over the principal, who is constantly lying and fabricating words in order to make the principal believe them. The haphazard principal is likewise sold out to whatever they tell him/her to do. In a nutshell, the principal is under their feet. Those toxic teachers have banded together in order to gain control and empower everyone. This group of teachers advises the principal on what to do. A principal who hides toxic teachers’ feeble skirts is a coward without principles who would mindlessly follow or accept their orders. For their coworkers, those toxic teachers are sources of conflict and grief. I heard that if you wanted to be promoted, you should work with those toxic teachers because the weakest principal was constantly insinuating. To them, the principal is nothing more than a puppy. Everything that they propose is always approved by the principal. Because they are in charge of the principals’ decisions, they have authority over teacher promotions as well. If you’re in their group, you can expect to be promoted to the highest level of teaching position because the promotion of teachers is already plotted. 

Are you sure that the promotion for teachers is based on seniority? What terrible logic is this? Promotion is not about seniority; it’s about accomplishments at work and educational attainment. As a result, numerous teachers have questioned the school’s management, stating that the principal was swayed by the school’s toxic teachers in order to keep him or her safe. If you are a principal, you should possess the positive traits required to run a large school smoothly. A cornerstone of faulty administration is a lack of information in administering a school. You should learn how to run a school so that you can comprehend the expectations of teachers and ensure that they are not harmed for long periods of time while under your supervision. Besides, don’t brag; your years of experience in school administration aren’t the foundation of your skills and knowledge. It’s about your dedication and love for your job as a principal. Team building is excellent in my opinion when your coworkers are not divided into groups and work together as a family. – Doki | Helpline PH