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All teachers suffer from stress but they have their own absolute reliever

All teachers suffer from stress but they have their own absolute reliever

Our teachers suffer from stress at work all the time yet we can’t deny that they still are best in their fields. How did they manage stress at work and how come they are still 100% functioning in class?

Teachers are born, not made. Yes, it is true that before you become a teacher you need to study education for 4 years. Yet, I know that teachers are born with their innate passion for nurturing young minds. Going to school is only a polishing process to mold their innate skills and talents.

Many tried to become teachers but failed and resign from their posts. A born teacher will hang on despite the many challenges and struggles. Even if teachers suffer from stress, they still have their own reliever. 

Here are some of the effective stress relievers of teachers:

1. Having pets at home can relieve stress from work.

Most teachers suffer from stress at work but when they come home, the greetings of their pets is enough. Most teachers are pet lovers and they treat every pet as their own family. Dogs are the most loved pets by most teachers. Some others have cats too or even rabbits.

2. Good movies to relax the mind.

Good old relaxing movies can ease the stress from work. Watching movies can ease stress away.

3. Listening to good music to sooth the body and soul.

Teachers suffer from stress but they can ease it by listening to good music. Music helps reduce stress from our body as it brings soothing effect to our soul.

4. Good food for the foodie teachers.

So many teachers are foodie. They want to eat good food all the time. When these teachers suffer from stress, they eat the stress away.

5. Good conversation from closest people.

Of course, good conversation with our close family and friends are also best therapy. It is good to talk and share a day’s story to your trusted people.

So teachers, it’s up to you on how you manage your stress away. Even with life’s greatest challenges, still it will be worthwhile to live. – Avril | Helpline PH