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5 absolute alarming scenarios where a teachers’ right is taken as the main disciplinarian in a classroom

5 absolute alarming scenarios where a teachers’ right is taken as the main disciplinarian in a classroom

A teachers’ right to discipline his/her students is always an innate function or role. Teachers have always the right to discipline their students inside their classrooms. It is for a fact that they are the second parents of these students when they are in school.

In the past few days, the social media is once again making noise because of several posts. Once again, the teachers are the target of the issues. Parents and guardians are making posts on small issues making it huge.

Here are some 5 scenarios where teachers’ right is at stake:

1. Everything that concerns the students/pupils will always be right even if it is not.

Students already knew that they are always safe since the system is protecting them. Teachers’ rights are not considered anymore. It is like teachers are there but they act as puppets. They teach but they can’t impose discipline. In his manner, how will the students learn?

2. Parents continue to interfere with the strategies of the teachers.

Teachers are the second parents in the school premises yet many parents act up. Parents do interfere with the way the teachers try to inculcate discipline. Parents shouldn’t interfere as long as the teachers are doing it for the sake of their students. It is time they have to give back teachers’ rights.

3. Teachers are no longer allowed to take disciplinary actions right away.

Little punishments for bad actions are helpful, but not at present. Teachers are afraid to even touch a strand of hair of their students because they might get sued. This is how cruel the law is to teachers but does it produce good products? Our recent generation is the living proof how bad our disciplinary measures are today.

4. The social media adds up to the negative attitude of these students and even parents as well.

The social media creates more chaos because every detail is open to public. People will feast on issues that concerns education but they actually don’t know. It is too saddening that we have to deal with these kinds of trend nowadays.

5. The educational system will abandon the teachers in the long run.

In the long run, teachers are being left behind by the system they are serving their whole life. It only takes one mistake for our teachers to get dump. Teachers’ rights are no longer important in our system at present. – Avril | Helpline PH