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Teachers Resign from DepEd to Start a Life-Changing Opportunity

Teachers Resign from DepEd to Start a Life-Changing Opportunity

Recently, several teachers resign from DepEd to start a life-changing opportunity through business. Despite the challenges these teachers encountered during the ranking process, they gave up. It means they are willing to left behind their potions as T1/T2/T3 and start another step towards their goals. These teachers are those who did not understand their situations.

As most teachers nowadays bury themselves in debts and loans, making no more room for a net pay. Whatever the reasons are, this situation is true to all teachers. The burden of the high interest rates and the stress of thinking about these loans are worst. Then, it comes to the point when they pawn their ATM Cards leaving 500 pesos net. How can they live with 500 pesos net every month? This is now where the networking business enters. This is the reason why many teachers resign from DepEd to start anew.

There are platforms that convince these teachers to take action. They ask teacher to give a capital for a networking business. Yes, this is true in most public schools in the Philippines. These platforms target teachers whose net pay is below 1,000 pesos. They promise these teachers that later on they will be free from loans and will be a millionaire. They will present their proofs through their social media to catch attention. Many teachers who are willing to take the risk go for it. Although these networking business are sometimes legit (if they have products). Then it depends on the performance of the teacher to work her business to be able to gain profits.

The truth is, there are only two sides of the coin when teachers join these networking platforms. First side, they are successful thus the reason why teachers resign from DepEd. The opposite is the negative side which is the saddest of all. If the teacher only rely on the promises of the upline and not doing great in the business. By this time, the problem gets worse. The capital intended to double is now vanished. It is only a matter of perseverance, effort and great will to be able to stick in a networking business.

There are also several teachers who are successful in the field of networking. These teachers are those who dream big to escape from the dark era of loans and debts. This is the life-changing opportunity they are looking for. – Clea | Helpline PH

7 thoughts on “Teachers Resign from DepEd to Start a Life-Changing Opportunity”

    1. Alam mo mam,ganyan din ang akala ko dati sa networking kaya hindi ako agad sumali noon, kya nagfocus ako sa teaching career q pero ang nangyari ay nabaon lng ako sa utang, pero ng nagtry ako 6 yrs ago, magmula ng sumali sa networking,napatunayan ko na yumayaman na din pala ako,SALAMUCH sa Dios! Salamuch sa mga experience at hindi na ako negatibong tao katulad ng dati.

      1. Because we that teachers are practicing a noble profession and with that, we also have passion.. but passion cannot survive alone for the future , love of teaching slowly be faded for some reasons..Teachers are giving for children not have food, clothing, notebook etc…spending money for classroom structuring, needs, contributing, sinking funds for head expense for visiting schools ,death aid for other teachers.. sick aid for teachers , that we are..that sometimes it reaches to the point that we have nothing to suck…! Problem that no one’s think the.positves solution from the government..

  1. I am one of the teachers who become part of this program or scheme. Unfortunately, I do not succeed in this networking business. Lots of promises, but once you are “IN”, you will learn the system and everything is a disappointment. It also affected my integrity and credibility. Grateful, that I do not quit my teaching job, when a pandemic strikes, I am still able to manage my finances. And because of this incident, I study how to handle my finances and this action started my journey as a financial advisor in an insurance company. I enjoy the part-time work because what I am offering provides a financial solution to their family’s financial security. Also, the best part is I acquired knowledge about the best investment that I must have like real estate, stock market, mutual funds, and forex. I could say, that my experience with joining with networking business is a lesson learned that before we join, we must understand the system. Protect your money, and invest your hard-earned money for your future.

  2. Resignation is a big decision to take …do not resign when you didnt pray for it, fast for it, ask God about it…seek for Gods will thru His WORD..thru the people around you…to those who have aurhority over you esp…your mentors at church parents…seek on their advises…the voice of the majority is the voice of God..and most esp..thru His not resign for money..for lifechanging opportunity..resign because God wants you to.and He is preparing you for something greater.and best for His glory…I will be resigninv and am poaitive it is from the Lord…I will be part in a churchschool..and God is leading me there..Resign for God and not for money🙏❤️

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