Acclaim the Teachers’ New Incentives that DepEd has launched to Keep Everyone Safe

Acclaim the Teachers’ New Incentives that DepEd has launched to Keep Everyone Safe

Teachers’ New incentives are significant to teachers nowadays, especially during this pandemic. I hope that this new incentive mentioned is a great help for teachers. Many teachers got vaccinated due to the upcoming limited face-to-face classes. However, many teachers have not yet been vaccinated for various health reasons. Although vaccination is not compulsory but voluntary, other teachers persuade themselves to get vaccinated due to some DepEd guidelines about teachers’ vaccination before entering the school premises.

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Teachers are very aware of what may happen to them soon when they are not vaccinated. For now, they are afraid that if the time comes, they will not be given a chance to report to school. Therefore, teachers’ willingness to get vaccinated is encouraged before the face-to-face classes and to continue their services if the DepEd and Civil Service start implementing the guidelines that all government employees should be vaccinated.

In other countries, to encourage people to volunteer themselves to get vaccinated, they will receive a financial incentive of 10 000.00. In the Philippines, to encourage teachers to get vaccinated, DepEd will give teachers new incentives for those already vaccinated. To be aware of the teachers’ new incentives, here is the latest update for teachers.        

Deped will give teachers new incentives who have already received the COVID-19 vaccine. According to DepEd Director Malcolm Garma, in a press conference, Secretary Leonor Briones said, “to establish a committee that works on these incentives.”

The DepEd Director said again, “The Secretary created a committee headed by Undersecretary Annalyn Sevilla to look into either a monetary or non-monetary incentive package for our teachers.” So, they have to decide first what teachers’ new incentives they have to give to all vaccinated teachers.

“Maraming indivduals, Hindi ang DepEd, ang masipag na magencourage sa ating mga constituents. Para nagpabakuna, para magparaffle reward” Secretary Briones said. As of this time, they still discuss what teachers’ new incentives they can give if monetary or non-monetary.

Teachers will wait for the next update on the teachers’ new incentives that DepEd will give their teachers. Teachers should get vaccinated to avail these new incentives to be promoted by DepEd. But anyway, they should respect teachers’ rights. Life comes once and no more than twice. – Doki | Helpline PH