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Teachers get discouraged by the latest noted attitudes of students towards education

Teachers get discouraged by the latest noted attitudes of students towards education

Teachers get discouraged by the latest attitudes of the students towards learning. One teacher can’t hold back the discouragement he felt anymore and posted.

According to this teacher, it is too heartbreaking to see our students at present. It means it is not only him who felt this way. Our teachers get discouraged to do well in their classes anymore. The fact that the students don’t seem to care how hard it is to prepare the lessons. Teachers used their own pocket money to buy the things needed to make their lessons so much better. 

Many teachers buy their own laptops, projector and televisions. Aside from these, our teachers prepared their PowerPoint presentation for their students. Then, only to find out that the students are not willing anymore to learn. They only wanted their free time and they always put their faces on their gadgets. It is so heartbreaking to see.

Of course, I know the feeling since I am also a teacher myself. Teachers get discouraged exert more effort anymore. The exhaustion during the discussions is nothing. All efforts are useless because the scores of the students tell it so. 

Education is a two-way process, which involves the teacher and the students. If the learners are not willing to digest the lessons, they can’t learn. Whatever effort the teacher gave the class, still it is nothing if the students will not do it.

Teachers get discouraged by the results of the tests of the students. Despite the exhausting days of discussions, still there is no learning at all. This is 100% not a reflection of the teachers’ performance, rather it is because of the laziness of students.

There is no way teachers are to be blame. Even parents can tell that their students are not that education driven anymore. They love gadgets and social media. They don’t seem, to care anymore of how important education is to them. But they have to wait till they get into college. That is the time where the true challenge is waving.Avril | Helpline PH