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How Teachers Celebrate Christmas Spirit in Simple Ways this 2022

How Teachers Celebrate Christmas Spirit in Simple Ways this 2022

So, how does our teachers celebrate Christmas this 2022? We all experience and see things not the way it was two years ago during the pandemic. Every day was hard and all holidays were not celebrated as it was. The pandemic was a mere nightmare and one of the darkest years in our lives. Yet, after the dark tunnel we now come to see the ray of light ahead of us.

In the past decades, I remembered very well how it was to celebrate Christmas in our classrooms. It was simple yet very memorable that up until now I could still view the happy faces of my classmates. We were once very happy eating together bread and bihon with matching ice juice made by our teacher. Then candies made us all happy as well and the decoration were simple yet up until now it left a mark in my heart.

Now, I am the teacher. In the past years before the pandemic, our Christmas preparations were enough. Yet, this year’s Christmas preparation is different. Teachers celebrate Christmas in a lowkey manner this year. There is no extravagance in all the decorations hanged in the classrooms. A simple Christmas tree will do. There are simple led lights as well. A symbol of waiting for our Savior that is all that matters. Teachers celebrate Christmas with their students in a simple and memorable manner.

This year, teachers celebrate Christmas with practicality. A few decorations will do. A simple classroom adorned with the resources that are available and within reach. Teachers need to be practical enough when the country is suffering from inflation.

Teachers celebrate Christmas spirit in a sense that their students will also understand. They need to incorporate resourcefulness at all times. Students in the rural areas at most do this this year. There are even schools which are not yet furnished when they once were the victims of typhoon Odette. It was a painful experience.

Teachers celebrate Christmas with their students in a simple celebration. The lavish food preparations and the decorations are not any more important. To celebrate the birth of Jesus in joy and simplicity will always be the best Christmas for all. – Avril | Helpline PH