Shocking! Teachers become targets of fake news on social media, and it is alarming

Shocking! Teachers become targets of fake news on social media, and it is alarming

Teachers become targets of fake news or click bait news on social media or online. Fake news are everywhere as long as there are people who lived to believe on such lies then there is always an issue.

These fake news won’t ever stop and it does not choose its target. Teacher become targets of fake news and this is not even new to us. Only, it affects the credibility of teachers because of these misleading news.

An example is a recent viral post about a card in which according to the post, the teacher changes all the grades to “70”. Imagine how this issue affects all teachers without even knowing if it is real or not?

The reason I sensed it is not legit is because in today’s system of education, all teachers KNOW their status. They knew the pros and cons of their actions. Here are the things teachers do before they submit the final cards:

  • Thorough review and checking by the checking committee by grade level.
  • Right after that, Master Teachers will do the review again to make sure those cards are liable.
  • After the school-based checking, it will be the district’s turn to check all the forms for review.
  • The last one to check the final records will be the division office.
  • During the division checking, failing grades will always have intervention.
  • There is no room for erasures and forgery in the forms and cards.

So, in the case of the viral post there is no chance that it is legit at all. In any case that post was legit, there may be some issues or falsifications done. We shouldn’t believe any misleading post until it is fact-checked. Teachers become targets of online bashing because of these kinds of news.

Teachers become targets of all the negative comments of the people. Fake news are everywhere and even teachers become their victims. News should be fact-checked to avoid confusion. – Avril | Helpline PH