Teachers are poor professionals today: An honest confession

Teachers are poor professionals today: An honest confession

Teachers are poor professionals in the making ever since. In the world of professionals, teachers are one of the poorest out there. It is not a joke but a fact. It is inevitable and as the years pass by, the harder it is for teachers to rise again.

Why are teachers poor professionals? The fact that they have salary every month yet they still can’t save money. Their salary every month is already budgeted and not enough. When the salary of teachers in other countries are promising, here in our country isn’t.

Teachers are poor professionals when they don’t enjoy their salary that well. You can’t expect them to save much from their salary every month. Most of them have huge loans from private lending institutions. These loans add up to the burden they carry every month. But, what choice do they have? Their salary is not enough so they resort to taking up loans.

Teachers are poor professionals because their compensation did not match up. They are over-qualified for their position yet remained underpaid. They hoped that this country can give them the fairest salary a teacher could have. Other Asian countries can do it but not in our country, why?

Teachers are poor professionals when they are being used yet they are not valued. They sacrificed a lot for their profession but it seemed unnoticed. All their lives they are willing to risk for their service yet no one saw their worth. The fact that they are present yet always not given credits. The only thing that will make our teachers happy is a fair salary like teachers in other Asian countries.

Teachers are poor professionals yet they manage to stay calm amidst all challenges. Today when all are rising, the price of commodities and all, teachers are struggling. Inflation rate is on another level and the salaries remain the same. Teachers and all other professionals out there are also in struggle. The only thing that would help them is if the higher officials will do their part in battling poverty. Give our teachers the best salary they deserve.Alec | Helpline PH