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Teacher on TikTok Draws Intense Criticism After Sharing Cheating in Exam Video

Teacher on TikTok Draws Intense Criticism After Sharing Cheating in Exam Video

A teacher on TikTok went viral and received criticisms. This was after she posted her “Cheating on an Exam” video on her TikTok. In the video, we can only see the teacher’s face. She did not disclose the faces of her two students although she mentioned their surnames on it. In the video, the teacher confronted the whole class and let the two students confess the truth. According to her, she will give them second chance to take another exam if they confess that they “cheated”. She also made comparisons on the pattern of their answers. Both got the same check and wrong answers that is why she wondered how they do it.

Public Reactions

This teacher on TikTok should have been more careful regardless if she is a vlogger. She should have known in the first place the consequences of her actions since she is a teacher. There is no doubt it will gain negative reactions 100% since she is the direct uploader of the video. Some Netizens thought that she did it for content purposes and for the views.

In some cases, this teacher on TikTok might have neglected the fact that her profession is at stake. Being a teacher and an influencer, she would always catch the eyes of the bashers. The online people bashed the teacher in a sense that the teacher is also at fault somehow.

It is understandable that the teacher did not tolerate cheating in her class. Cheating is not okay and will never be okay but the teacher should have settled it in private. The fault of the teacher on TikTok is when she uploaded her video online. The online people will always have something to say since it was on social media.


I am a teacher myself and I say, the teacher on TikTok may have been at fault. She was wrong in uploading her video and catching the eyes of the bashers. She should have kept the issue private and settled it with her school head instead, and not on her TikTok. After she went viral, she deactivated all her social media but the Netizens already took a copy of her video.

It was a pure lesson to us teachers especially when the eyes of the bashers are around us. It will be very easy for the people to judge even “one mistake” of the teachers. Now, if you are teachers who are also vloggers/influencers, make sure to filter your videos. Don’t compromise your profession for content and views. At the end of the day, “think before you click” is still the best key for us teachers. – Avril | Helpline PH