“TEACHER LANG” is the most mediocre and painful word for a teacher to hear

“TEACHER LANG” is the most mediocre and painful word for a teacher to hear

“Teacher lang” is the most mediocre and painful word for a teacher to hear. There is a division of point of view when it comes to the topic that involves a teacher. Some people look up to teachers with the highest pride and respect. That might not be the case for other people.

When teachers hear people say “teacher lang”, they felt pure pain. These people do not even know how these teachers get to become what they are at present. The struggles and pain of becoming a teacher is not easy at all. From the moment one enrolls as an education student, everything is difficult.

Teachers are not valued anymore the way they were before. Teachers are not prioritized and sometimes, mocked.

“Teacher lang! It is easy to say that yet these teachers work day and night. Even on holidays and breaks, still they serve without any complains. These teachers had to prepare their lesson late at night and wake up at dawn to elaborate their lessons. They prepare their instructional materials and paraphernalia for the lesson.

These teachers do enrichment and remedial classes during summer breaks. They work beyond call of duty even without any compensation. These teachers hold on to the promises made by their higher officials.

These teachers are your instant maids, nurses, cooks, cleaners, coaches, writers and more. How brave of you to tell them “teacher lang” if you haven’t worn their shoes?

People don’t not know the real struggles of these teachers. The pain and the difficulties they went through. The sacrifices they made for their students. They are even the assistants of the community in hard times like elections and more.

“Teacher lang” is an easy word to utter yet difficult to unravel. Unless you become a teacher, do not belittle this profession. Teachers are one of the best people around you. These teachers will somehow change your lives in ways you can’t imagine. Avril | Helpline PH