YAY! Declaring a ten-day suspension of classes in all public schools is a superb idea

YAY! Declaring a ten-day suspension of classes in all public schools is a superb idea

Suspension of classes is perfect timing for teachers who are not serving in the elections because teachers can prepare instructional learning materials for students. The teachers have more time to make intervention learning materials for students who can’t attend classes due to financial issues. For teachers serving in the upcoming elections, the successive days help them prepare the things needed for the elections. There are numerous things to do ahead of the start of face-to-face classes, especially at this time when schools are strictly adhering to IATF guidelines.

Suspension of classes in May 2022 is the new update for all public school teachers. For ten (10) days, DepEd suspends classes in all public schools in the Philippines. There will be 14 days of classes in May 2022 based on the calendar of activities under DepEd Order No. 29, s. 2021. The days without classes will be from May 2 to May 6, 2022, and May 9 to May 13, 2022. The calendar of activities has days marked with an X, which means that classes will be suspended for all public schools in the Philippines.        

May 1, 2022, is Labor Day and a regular holiday. All these days from May 2–6, 2022, and May 10–13, 2022 will be intended for all the activities of the National and Local Elections, including the Final Testing and Sealing of all VCMs, or Vote Counting Machines, and May 9, 2022, is intended for Election Day for the National and Local Elections.

The suspension of classes helps the Comelec, schools, and teachers who will serve in the election to set up everything before the elections. Because of this suspension of classes, I believe that the elections will successfully operate while teachers who will not serve in the elections can fully prepare the necessary materials for the face-to-face classes. The upcoming face-to-face classes are the most exciting moment for the students and the most challenging part for the teachers because it’s the time to measure the students’ learning for two years using the self-learning modules.

The complete list of all DepEd activities will be found on the school calendar and activities for the school year 2021–2022 under DepEd Order No. 29, s.2021. The suspension of classes is the time for making all the things or documents needed for the end of the school year 2021–2022. – Doki | Helpline PH