These are the things teachers do to release their stress away

These are the things teachers do to release their stress away

Stress is everywhere as long as humanity is concern. Every individual must make a move to struggle to live and survive every day. There are many rooms for stress to grow in an individual. As long as a person is in his right mind, he is not exempted from stress. Even those who are rich enough may also be going through stress in different levels.

Teachers are also in the limelight of stress nowadays. Not to mention the bulk of workloads given to them, the responsibilities entrusted. Stress is already a part of a teacher’s dictionary. If not handled, stress can be fatal.

There are somehow many ways that teachers do to relieve their stress.

Here is a list of activities they usually do on week-ends or off-days to de-stress themselves.

1. Green green grass of home…gardening!

This is the new trend that almost all people do recently, stressed or not, people like to collect plants. There are lots of teachers who spend time in their garden more often to be happy and release their stress away

2. Suite your palate by cooking and be stress free!

There are also those who prefer to cook good food and eat all the way to release some tensions in their school work. You can observe more teachers are becoming chubby, this is due to it. Food can sort all problems but it will make you overweight as well.

3. Is Netflix all you’ve got? Let’s movie marathon!

Some teachers like it to watch a movie on the big screen in the cinemas. The cinema screen will be much better but because Covid-19 is still around, home viewing is okay. Netflix is the most watched website by many nowadays. A good USB full of movies will lighten up a gloomy day.

4. Don’t disturb me….I’m listening to good music!

Music is one of the reasons why teachers live. Good old music is very refreshing to the ear that it will melt all your sorrows and stress away.

5. Wanderlust and travel!

This is the most stress-reliever that I observe most teachers does. With money or not, many find it relaxing to travel.

6. Window shopping will not cost you anything!

Others spend their days going on a window shopping but real shopping is more relaxing.

7. Let’s go to the beach!

There are teachers who find it more relaxing to stay in the beaches with their families. Sometimes, beaches are also a therapy to a tired soul.

8. Massage my stress away!

Well then, there are also who prefer to get a relaxing whole body massage at a spa.

9. I’m contented with staying home and take a long nap!

Many still prefer to stay at home and take a long nap whole day. This will give them the best relaxation ever.


So, in order for you to stay in your right mind despite the stress of the world, try to find your own reliever. It is then yourself who knows best how to handle your tired mind. Do not be a slave of stress, be the master of it. – Clea | Helpline PH