Teachers’ Bravo Performance for SSAT Validation: Are They Symbolized for Solid Support for the Limited Face-to-Face Classes?

Teachers’ Bravo Performance for SSAT Validation: Are They Symbolized for Solid Support for the Limited Face-to-Face Classes?

The School Safety Assessment Tool (SSAT) validation team has continued to validate schools led by the district, division, and region. As a result, other schools are actively joined to validate and participate in the pilot face-to-face and limited face-to-face classes for school year 2022–2023. Unfortunately, due to damage and fallen classrooms, some schools were severely impacted by Odette and are currently unable to obtain the average level required for validation approval. Even though they decided that only their senior high school students would attend face-to-face classes, they remained hopeful that junior high school students would attend the limited face-to-face classes.

Are the limited face-to-face classes available only to schools ready for validation? All schools are welcome to participate in the upcoming limited face-to-face meeting, not just those without damaged or collapsed classrooms, but even the most severely afflicted. According to the Department of Education, everyone is encouraged to participate and engage.  The parents are very keen and insist on face-to-face contact because their children have little learning. As a result, it is up to the principal to achieve the goal of face-to-face interaction. Teachers are only consenting to the principal’s choice. Some teachers were enthusiastic about the proposed SSAT validation, while others were uninterested. What kind of help does the school require?

1.    The school needs immediate attention to restore and create new buildings.

2.    The SSAT validation requires active cooperation from the principal and teachers. Face-to-face classes will not occur if the principals are not focused on their services. Teachers will not be able to do the best work if the principal is not aggressively demanding and manages everything needed to meet the requirements in face-to-face classes.

3.    When it comes to school concerns, teachers should collaborate and be accountable for their responsibilities. SSAT validation serves as a stepping stone for the school to receive funding to repair and construct new school buildings.

4.    The most significant impact on attaining the validators’ requirements to conduct face-to-face classes is solid team support.

5.    It is tough to comply with all of the school requirements, and it is up to the school principals to decide how willing they are to fix the schools’ issues.

Other schools have already been examined, so kudos to the principals and teachers for their hard work. Please complete the needed things for the SSAT validation for schools that, until now, are not yet ready. Although it is challenging for those most affected by typhoons, nothing is impossible if everyone works together. – Doki | Helpline PH