Speakers during INSET are not experts in their topics

Speakers during INSET are not experts in their topics

Imagine sitting in a classroom, excited for a day of INSET (teacher training). You’re ready to learn new things from the speakers. But then, something disappointing happens. The speakers start talking, and you quickly realize they’re not experts in their topics. Why? They didn’t have enough time to prepare. It’s like expecting to watch a great movie but ending up with a boring documentary.

Then, a teacher raises a hand and asks, ‘Why aren’t you prepared?’ The speaker’s answer is surprising. They blame the entire education system! They even say that if teachers don’t like how things are, they can just leave. Imagine that! It’s like being told to leave a restaurant if you don’t like the cold soup.

But wait, there’s more. These speakers, who are already unprepared, use presentations filled with errors. And guess what? They don’t really explain anything. They just read from their slides, word for word. It’s like listening to a robot reading a book. Boring, right?

Now, here’s an idea. What if the education department gave the topics to the speakers much earlier? This would give them more time to become experts on their subjects. We could even invite real experts to speak. Wouldn’t that make INSET so much more exciting and useful?

Lastly, think about this: instead of dull training, teachers could get a break. Maybe some time to relax, or to catch up on grading student work. When speakers are boring, teachers often lose interest. They chat, joke around, or just tune out. It’s like watching people sleepwalk through a party. Let’s make INSET sessions interesting, engaging, and worth everyone’s time!

To all the speakers who gave their best during the INSET, congratulations on your remarkable effort and dedication! Your hard work truly paid off. And to those who felt unprepared this time, don’t be disheartened. Every experience is a stepping stone to improvement. We believe in your potential and are looking forward to seeing you shine in your next opportunity. Keep striving and remember, every expert was once a beginner. Better luck next time! – Avril | Helpline PH