What Teachers Expect from the New Secretary of Education, Senator Sonny Angara

A few hours ago, President Marcos appointed Senator Sonny Angara as the new Secretary of the Department of Education (DepEd). This decision has sparked mixed opinions, especially among the community of teachers, who are the most invested in the outcomes of this appointment.

Before the selection, debates raged online, particularly among teachers, about the qualifications and suitability of the new DepEd secretary. Many argued that a non-political figure would be more effective in leading the department. They emphasized the need for someone strong, skilled, and deeply knowledgeable about the education sector.

Concerns and Expectations

Teachers and other stakeholders expressed concerns that having a politician like Sonny Angara as DepEd Secretary might lead to conflicts of interest and time management issues, considering his busy schedule as a senator. The role of a senator is vastly different from that of a secretary, and teachers worry about the potential for divided attention and priorities.

However, despite these concerns, many have shown respect and optimism, congratulating Angara on his new role. The Department of Education is a massive sector, and his appointment brings significant responsibilities. As the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility,” and this could be a defining moment in Angara’s career.

Teachers’ Hopes for the New Leadership

Teachers remain cautiously hopeful, observing how Senator Sonny Angara will handle his new position. They hope that he can facilitate smooth transitions within the department and address long-standing issues that have plagued the education system. Teachers are exhausted from unfulfilled promises and are looking for real, positive changes this time.

With the new administration, teachers expect a stronger DepEd, ready to tackle challenges head-on. Key among their expectations is the long-promised salary increase, which they hope Angara will prioritize. They need a leader who is strong, loyal, and untainted by corruption.

A Call for Support and Advocacy

Teachers are calling on Sonny Angara, as the new DepEd Secretary, to support their advocacies and help them focus on their primary role as educators. They seek relief from unnecessary ancillary responsibilities, allowing them to reach their full potential in their respective fields.

Teachers emphasize the importance of considering their welfare alongside that of the students. They are the lifeblood of the department, and without their dedication and hard work, the system would falter. Senator Sonny Angara’s success as DepEd Secretary will be measured by how well he supports and uplifts the teaching community.


Welcome to the Department of Education, Senator Sonny Angara. The teachers have high hopes and expectations from your leadership. They look forward to a collaborative and supportive environment where their voices are heard and their needs addressed.