Ideal age of a single teacher to get married

Ideal age of a single teacher to get married

What do you think is the ideal age of a single teacher to get married? Most teachers enter DepEd at age 21. After passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers, they apply for ranking. If they are lucky enough to get higher points then they will be employed if the need arises. Teaching at an early aged means a lot of struggles and challenges up ahead. Young single teachers have much energy to render in teaching.

New hired teachers in DepEd make us of their time in the first 3 years of service as single. Upon proper adjustment to their working environment and job description, they managed work. This time, it will be their turn to enter the world of marriage.

The ideal age of a teacher to get married is 25. It is by this time that they adapt well to being a public school teacher and as well plan for building a family. A teacher without a partner is one in a million cases only. By the age of 25, a person’s maturity is well developed. It is also the age where it is good to bear children especially for female teachers. When teachers marry at the age of 30 and above, many risk arise.

Stress in work will be the first factor why teachers find it hard to conceive so getting married in 20’s is best. There are many teachers nowadays who have difficulties conceiving because of work. It is better to get married as long as both re mature to get married then don’t wait too long.

Every individual person has their own point of view on the ideal age to get married. An adage once said “no man is an island”. This means that we all have someone waiting for us in the right time. If you found your soul mate then both of you are capable, then be it. Being a single teacher should not be put on show for long. – Clea | Helpline PH